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C-section births rise rapidly to more than 20 percent worldwide
Rates of caesarean section births almost doubled between 2000 and 2015 — from 12 to 21 percent worldwide — new research has found, with the life-saving surgery unavailable to many women in poor countries while often over-used in richer ones.
Chronic pain after C-section may be reduced by breast-feeding
When it comes to infant feeding, new parents are often told that breast is best for their baby's health.
High C-section rate in Iran troubling
A Health Ministry official said hospitals have been banned from conducting Cesarean sections unless specialists deem such surgeries necessary.
Iran reduces C-section by 5%
Head of the Health Ministry’s Midwifery Office announced that the rate of cesarean section has fallen by five percent.
C-section rates vary widely across Europe
There are wide variations in Caesarean section rates across Europe, indicating a lack of consensus about the best way of delivering babies, a study suggests.
Hospitals urged to reduce C-sections
Hospitals that fail to reduce cesarean sections (C-sections) will be downgraded, said the head of Health Ministry's Office for Health of Mothers.
Brazil works to stem flood of C-sections
Brazil says it must stem the "epidemic" of Caesarean sections — now more than half of all births, or more than any other country in the world.
Expert advocates population boost  to prevent aging
Iran must reach a population growth rate of 2.1 percent to tackle risks associated with an aging population such as heavy financial burden of diseases and lack of young workforce, said Dr. Khalil Ali Mohammad-Zadeh, a member of the Community of Physicians in Iran's Basij (volunteer) Force.

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