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Air France to offset daily CO2 emissions by next year
French carrier Air France will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of its 500-odd daily internal flights by 2020 at a cost of millions of euros, the company's CEO has announced.
CO2 emissions from aviation up
As the number of people flying regularly continues to rise, CO2 emissions from aviation have soared, rising by 26.3 percent in the last five years in Europe.
Japan's 2017/18 CO2 emissions drop to 8-year low
Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped 1.2 percent to an eight-year low in the financial year ended March 31, 2018, government figures showed on Tuesday, due to an increased use of renewable energy and higher utilization of nuclear plants.
Report: Scientists invent method to turn CO2 into solid carbon
A new method invented by a group of Australian scientists allows CO2 to be captured from the atmosphere and converted directly into carbon particles similar to common coal.
Big rise in atmospheric CO2 expected in 2019
Researchers at Met Office, the UK's national weather service, expect to record one of the biggest rises in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 in 2019.
Farming crops with rocks to reduce CO2 and improve global food security
Farming crops with crushed rocks could help to improve global food security and reduce the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere, a new study has found.
Vehicles are now America's biggest CO2 source
Early evening congestion on a Los Angeles freeway. Vehicle emissions are now the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the US.
CO2 emissions still rising, scientists warn UN
Scientists’ predictions that carbon emissions had peaked were actually far too optimistic and they will continue to rise this year, according to a major new study.
UN: Concentration of CO2 in atmosphere hits record high
The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has hit a new high, the UN said Monday, warning that drastic action is needed to achieve targets set by the Paris climate agreement.
How NASA's CO2 simulation could boost climate science
Trapped atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to scientific consensus, has warmed global climates for decades. And now, you can watch it happen.
EU to introduce CO2 emission limits for trucks
The European Commission will propose limits for the first time on CO2 emissions from trucks and will also set new fuel efficiency standards for cars and vans from 2020, according to a draft document seen by Reuters.
Rising CO2 levels alter species interactions
Global climate change may actually be setting the stage for greater species diversity in the Pacific Northwest.
CO2 stored underground can find multiple ways to escape
When carbon dioxide (CO2) is stored underground in a process known as geological sequestration, it can find multiple escape pathways due to chemical reactions between CO2, water, rocks and cement from abandoned wells, according to Penn State researchers.
CO2 valuable in creating fuels, chemicals
Penn State researcher Chunshan Song has a plan to address one of the most important issues facing the world today — reducing greenhouse gas emissions to curb the negative impacts of climate change.
CO2 can directly convert into methanol fuel
For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that CO2 captured from the air can be directly converted into methanol (CH3OH) using a homogeneous catalyst.

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