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Catalan separatists let out of jail for induction as MPs
Catalan separatists have been released from jail to obtain their formal certificates as elected MPs the day before the Spanish parliament is to open in Madrid.
Catalan separatist leaders moved to Madrid for trial
Jailed Catalan politician Raul Romeva hopes the upcoming trial of separatist leaders at the Supreme Court in Madrid will refocus attention on the region's push for independence from Spain.
Catalan separatist leaders moved to Madrid for trial on rebellion charges
Jailed Catalan politician Raul Romeva hopes the upcoming trial of separatist leaders at the Supreme Court in Madrid will refocus attention on the region’s push for independence from Spain.
Spain: Nine jailed Catalan separatists call for ‘peaceful protest’
Nine Catalan separatists, who have been jailed awaiting trial for rebellion, have called for a “peaceful protest” during an upcoming cabinet meeting.
Spain PM hits out at Catalan independence movement, Brexit for ‘lying’
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has dropped his contradictory tone on Catalonia's separatists, likening the Catalan independence movement to the Brexit campaign, which he said is based on “lies” and “manipulation.”
Catalan leader calls for referendum as secessionist prepare protests
Catalan leader Quim Torra renewed calls for Madrid to accept a referendum on independence in an interview published on Sunday, two days before separatists take to the streets in the first of a series of major protests.
Sworn in as Spain’s leader, Sanchez faces Catalan conundrum
New Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had been barely sworn in Saturday before one of the country’s most critical issues facing his fragile government was pressed upon him: ending the Catalan secession crisis.
Secessionist Torra sworn in as Catalonia's new leader
Fervent Catalan secessionist Quim Torra was sworn Thursday as the restive Spanish region's new leader, with his demands for an independent Catalonia set to prolong a standoff with Spain's national government.
Catalan secessionists poised to elect new leader in second vote
A small Catalan separatist party said on Sunday it would abstain in a second vote to elect a regional leader paving the way for pro-independence candidate Quim Torra to secure a majority and form a government.
Puigdemont calls for dialogue with Spain as he leaves jail on bail
Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont called for dialogue with the Spanish government as he left a German prison after being granted bail.
Spain court charges former Catalan police chief with sedition
Spain’s National Court has charged the former chief of police in Catalonia with sedition over his role in the northeastern region's independence push.
Spanish police break up blockade of Catalan roads by separatist protesters
Spanish riot police has broken up Catalan separatists’ blockade on key highways in the northeastern Catalonia region as protests continue following the arrest and detention of former regional president Carles Puigdemont.
Spain issues international warrants for Catalan separatists
A Spanish judge on Friday issued international arrest warrants against Catalonia's former president Carles Puigdemont and four others involved in the region's independence movement, the Supreme court announced.
Catalan lawmakers to appoint leader on March 12
Catalonia's parliament will convene on March 12 to appoint a new regional president, with jailed separatist Jordi Sanchez the only candidate, the assembly said Tuesday.
Catalan legislature searching for new figure to lead region
The parliament in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia has officially started consulting major separatist parties to name a leader to replace former president Carles Puigdemont.

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