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Catalans protest on anniversary of banned independence referendum
Protesters gathered in Girona on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of a banned Catalan independence vote, some hurling eggs at police and toppling garbage bins, amid a hardening political atmosphere around Spain’s most polarizing issue.
Catalans block roads to protest Spanish cabinet meeting
Catalan pro-independence groups blocked roads in the region on Friday to protest a planned cabinet meeting in Barcelona chaired by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.
Catalans march for unity on Spain’s national day
Tens of thousands of Catalans who want their region to remain part of Spain marked national day Friday, marching through Barcelona in protest against leaders who brought the region to the brink of independence last year.
Catalans defy Madrid, say Puigdemont is their legitimate leader
Members of Catalonia’s parliament have again defied calls by the central Spanish government to ban the former president of the region, Carles Puigdemont, from taking office, saying he is their legitimate leader.
Spain's king urges Catalan lawmakers to avoid 'confrontation'
Spain's King Felipe VI in a Christmas speech urged Catalan lawmakers to respect their region's diversity and avoid another confrontation over independence.
Catalans urge release of remaining jailed leaders
Hundreds of people have protested in Spain’s Barcelona to demand the release of pro-secession former officials in Catalonia, following a Supreme Court ruling that denied them bail.
Catalans must ratify desire for independence: Puigdemont
Catalonia’s deposed President Carles Puigdemont has initiated his campaign for regional elections by calling on the Catalans to voice their desire for seceding from Spain and gaining independence.
Catalans protest as Spain prepares for direct rule
Students have taken to the streets of the Catalan capital Barcelona demanding independence amid plans by Spain's central government to curb the semi-autonomous region's powers.
Mild chaos as Catalans try to vote in banned referendum
People in Catalonia have begun attempting to vote at some schools and other facilities in Catalonia that have been designated as polling stations in a banned referendum on secession from Spain.
Catalans rally for independence from Spain
People have attended mass demonstrations in major cities of Catalonia in a bid to call for independence from Spain.
Catalans vote in crucial poll over independence
Catalans voted Sunday in an election seen as crucial for Spain's future, with opinion polls pointing to a win by separatists who vow to declare the region independent by 2017.
Catalans threaten unilateral independence from Spain
Separatists in Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region have announced readiness to declare unilateral independence in case the Madrid government torpedoes a secession process they hope to launch in September’s regional elections.
Pro-independence Catalans hold gathering ahead of vote
Pro-independence activists from Catalonia have joined a large gathering in Barcelona ahead of an upcoming symbolic referendum on the autonomous region’s separation from Spain.
1,000s of Catalans call for early regional election
Catalans have staged a mass rally in the regional capital, Barcelona, calling for an early regional election.

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