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Thailand finds second case of new Chinese virus, says no outbreak
Thailand has found a second case of the new Chinese coronavirus, authorities said on Friday, as the country ramped up checks of Chinese visitors ahead of the Lunar New Year's holidays.
Chinese province: Just 17 of our 80m people now live in poverty
A Chinese province has said just 17 people, out of its population of more than 80 million, are living in poverty.
Mystery Chinese virus: How worried should we be?
A mystery virus — previously unknown to science — is causing severe lung disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
Chinese central bank announces £87b cash increase
On the first trading day of the decade, shares around the world surged after China’s central bank announced an 800 billion yuan (£87 billion) cash increase for the economy, and US President Donald Trump said phase one of a trade deal between Washington and Beijing would be signed on January 15.
Illustrations on show narrate classic Chinese anecdotes
Phrases, lines and stories from classic Chinese literature are still being used by ordinary Chinese, guiding people in moral conduct and inspiring them in every aspect of work and life.
British chemistry teacher brings science alive in Chinese classes
A British chemistry professor has dedicated two decades of his life to teaching popular science to students in China.
Iran calls for Chinese investment in tourism industry
Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Ali-Asghar Mounesan on Saturday called for Chinese investment in the Iranian tourism industry.
Chinese defaults to rise in 2020 as economy slows, Moody’s says
The number of Chinese companies failing to make payments will continue to rise in the year ahead as economic growth sputters and the government attempts to rein in support to indebted companies, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
Chinese, Japanese archeologists restore millennia-old iron-smelting techniques
Chinese and Japanese archeologists have successfully restored the iron-smelting techniques that date back about two millennia.
Envoy: Number of Chinese tourists to Iran rises
The number of Chinese tourists to Iran has increased thanks to efforts by the Iranian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and elimination of visa requirements for visitors from the East Asian country, said China’s ambassador to Iran.
Chinese, Uzbek scientists unveil mystery of ancient city in Central Asia
The Ferghana Valley on the west of the Pamirs, one of the most densely populated regions of Central Asia, known for the precious Ferghana horse breed and a key hub on the ancient Silk Road, has been attracting scientists and researchers from around the world for decades.
Chinese investors pile into gold as economic worries surge
Chinese investors are piling into gold bullion in a big way as worries over China’s economy and political system surge.
39 dead in truck were Chinese: Report
The victims were discovered in a container on the back of a truck in Grays, east of London, on Wednesday, shortly after arriving by ferry from Belgium.
Rich Chinese outnumber wealthy Americans
The number of rich Chinese has surpassed the count of wealthy Americans for the first time as both countries keep churning out millionaires, a study by Credit Suisse showed.
Chinese-American accused by US of spying for Beijing
A naturalized US citizen of Chinese descent working as a tour guide near San Francisco, California, has been charged by US officials of being an agent of the Chinese government and providing China with classified US national security information.

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