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UK’s Labour says will vote against PM’s Brexit plan
British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Wednesday Labour would vote against a Brexit deal based on Theresa May's proposals, the strongest warning yet to a prime minister whose plan to leave the European Union is hanging by a thread.
British PM pledges to protect Israel, Jews in dig at Corbyn
Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to protect British Jews and what she called “Israel’s right to defend itself” in what appeared to be a veiled attack on Jeremy Corbyn, who has been accused of tolerating anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
Corbyn rejects criticism of anti-Semitism code, says it will stay
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has broken his silence over an anti-Semitism row affecting his party, saying he would not accept changing the party’s new code on anti-Semitism as it would violate the right of many Jews who are critical of Zionism and the loath the Israeli regime.
Critics seize on Corbyn’s Press TV interview amid anti-Semitism row
An anti-Semitism row within the British Labour Party has deepened as critics of party chief Jeremy Corbyn seize on comments he made to the Press TV six years ago, saying they reflected the anti-Semite feelings of the Labour leader.
Corbyn backs British MP who called for moving Israel to US
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed Naz Shah, a British member of parliament who was suspended from the party in 2016 for making anti-Israeli comments on social media.
UK Labor leader Corbyn says MPs should have say on military action in Syria
The leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, says members of parliament (MPs) should decide if British Prime Minister Theresa May can join the United States in any military action against Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.
Corbyn, Johnson in ‘idiot’ row over Russian spy attack
UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have stepped up their war of words over the poisoning attack against a former Russian double-agent in Salisbury last month.
Corbyn: UK ‘misleading’ public over spy poisoning
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has offered a “misleading” account of the recent chemical attack against a former Russian double agent.
"Anti-Semitic claims against Corbyn false: Labour poll
The majority of Labour Party members in Britain say Israel is “a force for bad” and believe accusations of anti-Semitism within UK's main opposition party are being exaggerated to damage Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and stifle legitimate criticism of Israel, according to a new poll.
Corbyn’s Labour Party opens big lead over Conservatives: Poll
The UK Labour Party has managed to open a significant lead over the ruling Conservative Party in terms of popularity, a new poll shows, raising opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn’s chances for replacing Prime Minister Theresa May.
Corbyn accused of undermining May on Brexit talks
A secret memo has claimed that British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn promised in a meeting with European Union (EU) officials to run Brexit “very differently” and keep Britain in the customs union if he came to power.
She is 'too weak,' Corbyn blasts British PM May
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused Prime Minister Theresa May of being “too weak” to sack underperforming members of her cabinet, after she reshuffled the lineup of her ministers in an attempt to reunify them ahead of a series of crucial foreign policy events this year.
Corbyn: UK must recognize Palestine as a state
The UK must recognize Palestine as a state, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, criticizing the British government for celebrating the 100-year anniversary of a document that paved the way for Israel’s creation.
Corbyn: Labour 'ready for government'
Britain's main opposition Labour Party is "now the political mainstream" and "ready for government", leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Wednesday following unexpected advances in a June general election.
Corbyn lays out plan for replacing May as UK PM, ending injustice
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is planning to become his country’s next prime minister by giving his grassroots supporters more control over the party.

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