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Pressured by US sanctions, Cuba struggles to pay its debts
Foreign companies going unpaid, creditor countries told to be patient: As Cuba struggles under the weight of US sanctions it has also been struggling to pay its debts, raising serious concern among its partners.
In Cuba, cleaner rivers follow greener farming
When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990's, food production on the island of Cuba was disrupted — as the supply of Russian fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, and oil dried up. Under the stress of an imminent food crisis, the island quickly rebuilt a new form of diversified farming — including many urban organic gardens — that depended less on imported synthetic chemicals. Over the last two decades, Cuba blossomed into a world-class showcase of conservation agriculture, with improved soils and cleaner water.
Cuba gets first prime minister in over 40 years
Cuba's first prime minister in more than four decades – the long-serving tourism minister, Manuel Marrero – took office Saturday as the country resurrected a post last held by former revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.
Cuba's state airline ending routes amid pressure by Trump administration
Cuba's state airline Cubana has announced that it is scraping flights to seven international destinations following US President Donald Trump's economic sanctions and its latest move in pressuring companies to stop leasing planes to the national carrier.
US issues travel ban on Cuba's Castro over support for Venezuela's Maduro
Washington has imposed US travel sanctions on Cuba’s former president, and current Communist Party leader Raul Castro and his family members over his support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
Cuba facing acute fuel shortage due to US sanctions: President
The Cuban president has warned of a looming fuel shortage in the wake of US-imposed sanctions against the Caribbean island country, saying the government in Havana must implement emergency measures to stave off the energy crisis and avoid blackouts in the coming days.
Iran’s FM: US economic terrorism deliberately targeting civilians
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the US "economic terrorism" against independent countries "deliberately" targets civilians in order to realize Washington's illegitimate goals.
Scans on US diplomats in Cuba show 'something happened to brains'
Brain scans of about 40 US diplomats injured in mysterious circumstances in Cuba reveal visible differences compared to those in a control group, researchers who analyzed them said.
Venezuela, Cuba leaders meet in show of unity against 'enemy'
Vice President of Venezuela's ruling party Diosdado Cabello has met with Cuba’s Communist Party leader Raul Castro in a show of unity against the United States’ constant pressure on the governments of Caracas and Havana.
Cuba to ration more products due to economic crisis, US sanctions
Communist-run Cuba said on Friday it would control more the sales of certain foodstuff and hygiene products, including adding some back to the ration card, due to shortages that it blamed partly on the tightening of the US trade embargo.
Iran condemns US policies on Cuba
Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi censured Thursday the United States for its hostile policies on Cuba.
Spain lashes out at Trump over Cuba, Venezuela
FM accuses US administration of acting like ‘a cowboy’
Spain's foreign minister on Wednesday lashed out at Washington's decision to lift a ban on lawsuits in US courts over property confiscated by Cuba, calling the move an "abuse of power" that would lead to a "legal battle".
Boeing 737 slides off runway into Florida river, 21 hurt
A Boeing jetliner with 143 people aboard from the US outpost at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, slid off a runway into a shallow river in Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday while attempting to land at a military base there during a thunderstorm, injuring 21 people.
EU, Canada vow to fight new US sanctions on Cuba
The European Union and Canada have warned of reprisals after the United States for the first time allowed lawsuits against foreign companies operating in Cuba, including EU and Canadian firms.

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