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Democrats discussing multiple articles of impeachment against Trump
Democrats in the US House of Representatives have considered drafting as many as three articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, as they prepare to take their Ukraine impeachment inquiry public next week after a month of closed-door depositions, according to multiple sources familiar with the deliberations.
More Democrats want Trump removed compared to Nixon era: Poll
More Democrats now want US President Donald Trump to be impeached and kicked out of office than the number during the Nixon era, a new poll has found.
Democrats say impeachment rules for Trump same as they were for Nixon and Clinton
After a historic vote in the US House of Representatives that approved rules for the next steps in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, Democrats denied accusations by Republicans that the rules are unfair.
Democrats to vote on how to make Trump impeachment probe public
Democrats in Congress, answering Republican complaints that their impeachment investigation of US President Donald Trump is being conducted in secret, plan a vote on Thursday on how to make their inquiry public; a significant new stage in the probe.
Democrats lay out case for Trump impeachment probe, more key witnesses set to appear
Democrats on Monday laid out their case for the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and pressed Republicans to stop supporting Trump by releasing a fact sheet and video they said expose Trump's efforts to secure victory in the 2020 presidential election with the assistance of Ukraine.
Returning from recess, Democrats press Trump impeachment inquiry
The Democratic-led US House of Representatives will crank up its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week as lawmakers return after a two-week recess, with closed-door testimony from current and former administration officials looming.
Most Democrats willing to risk 2020 US election to impeach Trump: Poll
Most Democrats want to impeach US President Donald Trump, even if it increases the prospect for the re-election the Republican president in the 2020 US presidential election, according to a new poll.
Democrats call on US diplomats to testify over Ukraine saga
A number of US diplomats have been called to Capitol Hill for closed-door testimony this week as Democrats build their impeachment case against President Donald Trump, while the White House considers ways to slow down the process.
Trump warns of ‘civil war’ in US if Democrats impeached him
US President Donald Trump is warning that the Democrat-driven impeachment proceedings and any move to oust him from office amount to “treason” and would spark a civil war, prompting outrage from a Republican congressman.
Top Democrats urge Trump to fefy NRA, push for gun safety legislation
The top two Democratic Party members in the US Congress are increasing pressure on President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to support legislation to prevent gun violence.
US government death penalty move draws sharp criticism
The US federal government's move to resume executions after a 16-year hiatus has drawn sharp criticism from rights groups and leading Democrats.
Two democrats vow to keep up efforts at ousting Trump
Two Democratic congressmen, who have invested considerably in efforts at subjecting President Donald Trump to an impeachment investigation, pledge to keep up the endeavor.
Democrats clash in contentious first US presidential debate
Ten Democratic presidential candidates in the US have debated onstage for the first time, as they fight to win in the 2020 presidential election and deny President Donald Trump a second term in office.
Democrats accuse Trump of allowing foreign election meddling
Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress have accused President Donald Trump of permitting Russia to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election, after the Republican president said he would accept political dirt from foreign governments.

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