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Rising CO2 levels destroying African savannah, scientists warn
Up to a third of the plant life occupying the African savannah could be driven to extinction as CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere, scientists have warned.
Destroying terrorists’ nests in Pakistan Iran’s right
Brig. Gen. Pourdastan said, in absence of serious action by the Pakistani government, Iran would gain an inalienable right to destroy hideout in the neighboring country.
US a ‘super predator’ bent on destroying world: Analyst
The US government is an aspiring empire and “super predator” determined to control the world and destroy nations, an American writer and political analyst says.
Journalist: US neocons, Zionists destroying Israel’s enemies by creating
The US neoconservatives and Zionists are destroying the enemies of Israel by creating sectarian and ethnic divisions, an American political commentator in Los Angeles said.

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