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Does eczema worsen with age?
Eczema is an unsightly skin condition that affects millions of people in the UK. Have you noticed new, dry patches seemingly appearing out of nowhere? And does the skin disorder look like it's spreading?
Does weather really affect our experience of pain?
A new study finds that, for people living with arthritis and other conditions that cause chronic pain, a certain kind of weather increases pain.
Does poor oral health impact brain function?
Perceived stress may detrimentally impact oral health which, in turn, may lead to cognitive decline among specific elderly communities, according to two new studies.
How much does one kilogram weigh? Depends on your 'Planck constant'
It may not change how you buy bananas, but scientists voted to redefine the value of a kilogram, in what they called a landmark decision that will boost the accuracy of scientific measurements.
What does 1.5°C mean in a warming world?
Over the past three years, climate scientists have shifted the definition of what they believe is the ‘safe’ limit of climate change.
Does weather influence women's risk of developing pregnancy diabetes?
Yet another reason to worry about global warming may be an increase in the number of women who develop diabetes during pregnancy, suggested a new study that found seasonal higher temperatures are tied to an increased risk for what's known as gestational diabetes.
Where does blood actually come from?
Scientists at Lund University in Sweden have developed a new understanding of how the first blood cells form during human development as they transition from endothelial cells to form blood cells of different types.
Does arthritis really get worse in winter?
Constant and unrelenting pain in joints is an every day occurrence for people suffering with arthritis — a condition many wrongly assume is just a part of the aging process.
Does mother know her child the best?
New research shows that mental problems affect the mother's judgment and that dad is just as good as mum at evaluating the child's scholastic and social skills. This is important to consider in e.g. parental rights cases, claim the researchers behind the study.
What does 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit mean?
Like eggs and cheese, Britain's departure from the European Union supposedly comes in both hard and soft versions.
This is what eating sugar does to your brain
The brain actively takes in sugar from the blood, German scientists have found, in a study that could lead to advances in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.
Ranieri: money does not guarantee success
Claudio Ranieri said money does not guarantee success but admits it is ‘only once in a lifetime’ that a team such as Leicester will contend for the Premier League title.
Does learning improve when every student gets a laptop?
Schools that provide each student with a laptop computer, as well as the appropriate support for both students and teachers, see significant improvement in academic achievement, a new paper indicates.

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