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Bloomberg ‘ready to spend all money’ to get rid of Trump
US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told Reuters he is ready to spend much of his vast fortune to oust Republican President Donald Trump from the White House in 2020, rejecting criticism from rivals for the Democratic nomination that the billionaire is trying to buy US election.
A letter by Iranian American academics to President Trump
Dear President Trump: The President yesterday ordered the slaying of Iranian commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, the hero of over 80 percent Iranians. The president's action signifies a colossal intensification of the disputes between Iran and the US. It threatens to immerse the Middle East into a devastating war damaging Americans, Iranians, and the Middle East citizens to an extent the world has not witnessed since perhaps WW II.
White House rejects participation in 'baseless' impeachment probe
The White House blasted the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump as "completely baseless" Friday, signaling it would not seek to defend the president in Democratic-led hearings to draw up formal charges against him.
Macron lauds 'excellent' talk with Trump on Iran, Syria, NATO
French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that he had an “excellent telephone discussion” with his US counterpart Donald Trump on a raft of topics including Iran, Syria and NATO.
Macron draws ire for doubting NATO viability
French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday drew fire for saying the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was brain dead and its core collective defense commitments in doubt.
Trump suggested shooting migrants, creating border moat with alligators, snakes, Report
Donald Trump reportedly suggested shooting migrants in the legs as they crossed the US-Mexico border, in order to slow them down.
Rouhani refused to take Trump’s call in New York: Reports
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani refused to engage in a phone conversation with his American counterpart, Donald Trump, which had been arranged by French President Emmanuel Macron, leaving Trump waiting on the line, US media reports said.
Bolton endorses five Republican candidates challenging Trump
Former US national security adviser John Bolton, who departed the White House this week after he was fired by President Donald Trump, resumed his old job on Friday as head of two political funding organizations and endorsed five Republican presidential candidates challenging Trump.
Trump is a dangerous media mastermind
By Julian Zelizer, CNN Political Analyst
Training journalists in era of fake news
As uncannily realistic "deep fake" videos proliferate online, including one recently retweeted by the US President Donald Trump, journalism schools are scrambling to adapt to an era of misinformation — or fake news.
Spokesman: UK ambassador to Washington continues in post with PM's full support
Trump blasts UK PM, envoy over leaked memos
Britain’s ambassador to Washington remains in post and continues to carry out his duties with Prime Minister Theresa May’s full support, her spokesman said on Tuesday.
Popular knitting website Ravelry bans support for Trump
One of the biggest knitting websites in the world, which claims to have more than eight million members, announced that it will ban users from expressing support for US President Donald Trump, saying that to do so constitutes “white supremacy”.
Trump stands by 1989 Central Park Five comments
US President Donald Trump stood by his comments about five men who were wrongly convicted for the brutal rape of a jogger in Central Park, New York City, in 1989, saying they had "admitted their guilt".
Trump promises more 'to be revealed' in US-Mexico deal
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday stood by his comments that part of the migrant deal with Mexico announced over the weekend had yet to be made public, even after Mexican officials unveiled new details of the agreement.
Trump makes vague promise on new, 'very important' part of Mexico trade agreement
President Donald Trump continued Monday to talk up the trade agreement his administration struck with Mexico after a weekend of news reports poking holes in his claims that Mexico had agreed to significant new concessions to avert tariffs.

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