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Two train drivers killed in Italy high-speed rail crash
Two rail workers are killed and about 30 people injured on Thursday when a high-speed train derailed before dawn near Milan in northern Italy, authorities say.
High speed train derails in northern Italy, two drivers die
A high-speed train derailed in the northern Italian province of Lodi in the early hours of Thursday, killing its two drivers and interrupting traffic on the busy line between Milan and Bologna, officials said.
UK transport bosses to increase fines for idling drivers who contribute to air pollution
UK Transport bosses are looking to increase fines for drivers who contribute to ‘dangerous’ air pollution by making one common mistake — idling.
Traffic jams costing British drivers £1,317 per year
Road congestion cost the UK economy nearly £8 billion last year, according to new analysis.
Drivers resist low-emission scheme as London struggles to clean up its air
As the lights change, the thundering morning traffic comes to a stop at one of London’s busiest junctions.
German union calls nationwide strike by money transport drivers
Ver.di, one of Germany’s largest unions, on Tuesday called a nationwide strike by 12,500 armed drivers and other workers who transport cash to banks and retail outlets across the country after five rounds of unsuccessful wage talks.
Here's why gas prices are falling, why drivers shouldn't get too used to them
Crude oil's sharp fall in 2018 has helped put some extra money in consumers' pockets, in the form of falling gas prices.
First musical road built in Iran
Iran's first musical road was constructed in the northern province of Semnan, said a provincial official on Monday.
Greek taxi drivers protest against Uber ‘invasion’
Hundreds of taxi drivers marched in central Athens on Tuesday to protest at what they called an "invasion" by Uber, and attacked passing cars they thought were being used by the ride-hailing service.
Road use charges should be tailored to drivers
Drivers should be charged for using the UK's road network based on their individual circumstances, according to a new report.
Carmakers rush to put Saudi women behind wheels of their models
Car companies haven’t wasted any time courting the nine million potential customers unlocked when Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women drivers.
Police, drivers will receive training on tourist reception
Police and drivers will be trained on how to treat the tourists coming to Iran, said Banafsheh Farahani, a member of Tour Guides Committee for Policymaking.
'Tube drivers in UK capital to walk off job in protest'
Underground train drivers in the British capital are due to stage an industrial action over pay and a new work scheme.
Tabriz University builds smart device for drivers
Iranian researchers at Tabriz University, northwestern Iran, have designed a smart device to detect fatigue, drowsiness and mental distraction of drivers in a bid to reduce car accidents.
Higher prevalence of diseases among drivers
Drivers have a higher prevalence of diseases, including obesity and hypertension, in comparison to other working professionals, claimed a study released on Friday.

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