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Egypt security forces kill nearly dozen militants in restive Sinai Peninsula
Egyptian security forces have killed at least 11 Takfiri militants in the Sinai Peninsula in an ongoing campaign to quash extremists in the restive region.
Egypt security forces kill 11 suspected terrorists in Sinai
Egyptian security forces killed 11 suspected terrorists in Sinai as they press a campaign against gunmen in the area, a security source said Monday.
UN urges Egypt to overturn mass death sentences
The United Nations' human rights chief has urged Egypt's appeals court to overturn mass death sentences handed down by a lower court to dozens of people for their participation in the 2013 Cairo sit-in protests.
Egypt opens 4,000-year-old tomb to the public
Egypt has allowed the public to visit a 4,000-year-old tomb in the Saqqara necropolis near Giza for the first time to promote tourism.
Egypt sentences 75 people to death over 2013 Cairo sit-in
An Egyptian court has sentenced to death 75 people for their participation in sit-in protests following the 2013 ouster of democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi.
Egypt says village found in Nile Delta predated pharaohs
Egypt said that archeologists have unearthed one of the oldest villages ever found in the Nile Delta, with remains dating back to before the pharaohs.
Egypt president approves law clamping down on social media
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ratified a law granting authorities the right to monitor social media users in the country as part of tightening internet controls, the official gazette said Saturday.
'Cursed' mummy cheese might be world's oldest, researchers say
If you are still disappointed about being denied the opportunity to drink the toxic red mummy juice unearthed in Egypt last month, we have some good news for you. Researchers have just discovered the world's oldest cheese (also in Saqqara, Egypt), and it is almost certainly cursed… or at least contaminated.
Egypt to reduce public debt to 92% of GDP in FY 2018-19
Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Ma'it said the country will reduce its public debt to 92 percent of the GDP in the budget of the current fiscal year 2018-2019, state-run Ahram newspaper reported.
Egypt's foreign debt up more than 10% from last year
Egypt's foreign debt has climbed more than 10 percent in less than a year, reaching $88.2 billion in March, the central bank said, despite a raft of painful austerity measures aimed at cutting government spending.
Egypt’s natural gas prices rise despite major discoveries
The price of natural gas in Egypt is expected to rise by 75 percent in August. Natural gas and cylinders filled with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), mainly used for cooking and heating water, are the main source of fuel for more than 75 percent of Egyptian households.
Israeli 'nation-state' bill promotes racial segregation: Egypt
Egypt has condemned as racist a law recently adopted by Israeli parliament that declares the occupying entity “the nation-state of the Jewish people,” warning that the legislation undermines peace efforts in the region.
Egypt: Sarcophagus remains not those of Alexander the Great
Hopes of finding the remains of ancient Greek ruler Alexander the Great were lost, when archeologists opened a sarcophagus in Alexandria, Egypt.
Egypt inflation rate accelerates for first time in 11 months
Egypt’s inflation accelerated for the first time in 11 months in June after the government slashed fuel and electricity subsidies to help reduce the budget deficit.
Egypt's economic growth rises from 2% to 5.4% in 5 years
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said that the country's economic growth rate rose from 2 percent to 5.4 percent over the past five years, with plans to reach seven percent in a few years to come.

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