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Einstein’s general relativity reveals new features of a pulsar
Finally, scientists have their finger on the pulse.
Einstein's theory of relativity aces its first black hole test
More than a century has passed since Albert Einstein gave us general relativity, and scientists are still testing the mind-bending theory.
Einstein theory passes black hole test
The black hole at the center of our galaxy has helped astronomers confirm a key prediction of Albert Einstein's ideas.
Albert Einstein’s signed letter on relativity sold for $106,250
Einstein had set out the key elements of the general theory of relativity in four magisterial papers submitted to the Prussian Academy of Sciences between November 4 and 25
Rush to play Einstein in TV drama 'Genius'
Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush is to play Albert Einstein in a 10-episode drama on National Geographic, based on a biography of the famous scientist.
Proof of Einstein's theory of ripples arrives in a chirp
More than one billion years ago, a colossal storm raged in the Universe as two huge black holes collided and merged.

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