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Blockchain sets its sights on electronic gaming
Blockchain has its sights set on electronic gaming after disrupting the financial services industry and becoming a bedrock of the cryptocurrency movement.
Electronic payments in South Korea rally in Q1
The amount of payments made electronically in South Korea continued to rally in the first quarter of this year as a growing number of people are using mobile shopping and remittance services, central bank data showed on Monday.
Prosthetic hand gets sense of touch with electronic 'skin'
Engineers have developed an electronic ‘skin’ that allows prosthetic hand users to perceive a real sense of touch.
Electronic skin stretched to new limits
An electrically conductive hydrogel that takes stretchability, self-healing and strain sensitivity to new limits has been developed at KAUST.
How to integrate electronic devices in the university
Researchers from the University of Seville have published the study "To take or not to take the laptop or tablet to classes, that is the question", which has been selected for publication by the internationally recognized review Computers in Human Behavior, which deals with the social implications of new technology.
Electronic nose analyzes breath
Researchers at the Texas Analog Center of Excellence (TxACE) at UT Dallas are working to develop an affordable electronic nose that can be used in breath analysis for a wide range of health diagnosis.
Team develops electronic plants
Researchers from Linköping University in Sweden have created analog and digital electronics circuits inside living plants. The group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), under the leadership of Professor Magnus Berggren, have used the vascular system of living roses to build key components of electronic circuits.
Ingestible electronic device to monitor vital signs
Using technology invented at MIT, doctors may one day be able to monitor patients' vital signs by having them swallow an ingestible electronic device that measures heart rate and breathing rate from within the gastrointestinal tract.
Programmable electronic glasses help improve vision
A new study on lazy eye found that programmable electronic glasses help improve vision in children just as well as the more traditional treatment using eye patches. This digital patch is the first new effective treatment for lazy eye in half a century.
Iranians develop electronic nose
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad’s researchers have developed an electronic nose.
Iran produces electronic magnifier
Researchers at a knowledge-based company have produced an electronic magnifier, which will provide help to people with low vision.
Babol students produce computing chips
Researchers of Babol University of Medical Sciences have produced an electrical nano-insulator with high dielectric constant (high-k materials).
Electronic  emissions can damage lung cells
Electronic cigarettes may not be that safe, as a new study claims that emissions from e-cigarette can actually damage lung cells.
Iran makes electronic artificial hand
Iranian researchers have designed and produces an electronic artificial hand, costing one-fourth of its German counterpart.
Rapid synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets
Using ultrasonic irradiation, researchers at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in northeastern Iran presented a new method for the rapid synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets.

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