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Roman mansion reveals undiscovered fact about ancient empire
An ancient Roman mansion found tucked away beneath the busy streets of Italy’s capital has shocked researchers with its extremely good condition and place of origin — some 1,000 miles away from Rome. The extreme distances involved has baffled scientists, changing previously unchallenged perceptions of how construction materials were imported and transported across the continent thousands of years ago.
New finds beef up case for redrawing map of Roman Empire
The remains of a high-quality Romano-British butcher’s business and center for crafts have been unearthed by archeologists in Devon, southwest England.
“The sun seems to have finally set on the empire"
The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been scrambling to look tough in the so-called tanker crisis. He initially promised a “robust” response to the Iranian detention of a British-flagged tanker, which had violated international laws of navigation.
Saudi Arabia is the centerpiece of US Empire’s Mideast foreign policy: Analyst
Saudi Arabia has been the centerpiece of the American Empire’s foreign policy in the Middle East region for ever, according to Daniel Patrick Welch, an American writer and political analyst.
Clinton will be president because Empire has chosen her: Writer
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States because the American Empire has chosen her, according to Daniel Patrick Welch, an American writer and political analyst.
Is Iran a gas empire in the making?
Iran is wooing foreign investors to attract billions of dollars in gas infrastructure as global trade in gas products is expanding rapidly.
US empire to be blamed for refugee crisis + photos
Renowned Palestinian-American literary theorist Edward Said differentiates between colonialism and imperialism, saying colonization takes place when the dominators enter and usurp a country by force while imperialism is a kind of soft power exertion which gradually alienates one from the culture of his/her motherland.
Iran not after establishing an empire: Rezaei
Tehran, Sept 10, IRNA – Iran is not after establishing a Persian empire, Secretary of Iranˈs Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said on Wednesday.
Larijani: No need to create Iranian ˈempireˈ
Tehran, Sept 9, IRNA – Speaker of Parliament (Majlis) on Tuesday rejected recent anti-Iran comments by the American politician Henry Kissinger saying Iran has no reason ˈto create an empire or a puppet governmentˈ.

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