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England’s Green group charged with protecting the environment is using diesel cars
Taxpayer-funded Natural England, who advise ministers on important green issues, have a 114-diesel vehicles — but don’t hold a single electric-powered car or van.
Will England’s universities go bust if fees are cut?
There's a growing expectation that the review of student finance in England, headed by the financier Philip Augar, is going to recommend a cut in tuition fees.
Minister: England’s prisons 'playing catch-up to psychoactive drug use'
England’s prisons system was unprepared for the arrival of new psychoactive drugs like spice and has been playing ‘catch-up’ ever since, the prisons minister, Rory Stewart, said.
England’s adventure playgrounds 'too risky' to insure
Emergency talks are being held over the future of children’s adventure playgrounds in England amid concerns that funding cuts are making some popular sites too dangerous to insure.
England’s schools failing to report asbestos details
Nearly a quarter of schools in England (23 percent) have not told the government how much asbestos they have in their buildings and how they are managing the risks, a committee of MPs warned.
England’s chief medic calls for food taxes to cut salt, sugar intake
England’s chief medical officer called on the government to consider imposing taxes on foods high in sugar and salt, as it has done with sugary drinks, and accused the food industry of failing to help deliver healthier diets.
England’s NHS to look into deaths of 100,000 mental health patients a year
England’s National Health Service (NHS) is to start investigating the deaths of more than 100,000 mental health patients a year in a drive to cut the number of fatalities linked to poor care.
England’s UWE Bristol project to close race pay gap faced by graduates
A project to close the race pay gap experienced by graduating Asian, black and minority ethnic (BME) students is rolling out across a university in England.
England’s NHS maternity units were forced to close 287 times in 2017
Almost half of maternity units at hospitals in England were closed to expectant mothers at least once during 2017, research by Labour has found, with the party blaming staff shortages and other resourcing problems.

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