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Europe begrudgingly repatriating Daesh children
Syria and Iraq are calling on Europe to decide the fate of around 10,000 women and children they are struggling to maintain in overcrowded camps like al-Hawl in Northern Syria.
EU spokeswoman says Europe's trade mechanism with Iran going on
The European Union says there is "an advancement" in a long-anticipated trade mechanism, called the INSTEX, with Iran, after Tehran's announcement of further cuts in its commitments under a 2015 nuclear accord it signed with major world powers.
Chinese media: Europe must avoid being US pawn on Iran issue
China’s "Global Times" advised European states with regard to Iran’s nuclear issue to avoid being US pawn because the US no longer considers Europe an ally, but a subordinate that can be bossed around.
'Flight shaming' threatens air travel demand beyond Europe: IATA chief
This summer, US airlines have enjoyed booming flight demand, immune to a Swedish-born “flight shaming” movement that has hit air travel in Europe, where environmentally conscious travelers are choosing trains over planes.
Europe's oldest lake traces 1.36 million years of climate
By analyzing sediment cores from the bed of Europe's oldest lake, an international team of scientists has created a detailed climate history of the north-central Mediterranean stretching back 1.36 million years — and revealed the climate mechanism that has driven winter rainfall in the region.
Is Europe losing ground in its fight against measles?
Europe is losing ground in the fight against measles according to a new report released by the World Health Organization.
Four European states lose measles eradication status: WHO
Measles cases are skyrocketing in Europe and the disease is surging in four countries previously considered to have eliminated it, including the UK, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned.
UK risks losing out to Europe in home battery boom, report warns
The UK risks being left behind in Europe’s home battery boom because of a controversial tax hike on solar-battery systems, according to a report.
Europe’s largest public artwork will rise above a highway in Belgium
It’s been 35 years, but the French artist Bernar Venet is finally going to realize his vision for a monumental sculpture that appears to span across a busy highway. The 250-ton steel sculpture, which will be the largest public artwork in Europe, is due to be unveiled officially in October. Originally conceived for a site in France back in 1984, the work has now found a home in Belgium.
Will ECB walk or just talk as rate circus comes to Europe?
The global march towards lower interest rates reaches Europe this week with the European Central Bank expected at least to signal easier monetary policy, while Turkey’s new banking chief is seen taking an ax to the country’s rates.

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