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Satellite detects methane; seen as tool in fight to save climate
Scientists said that for the first time, a satellite on a routine global survey identified and measured methane gas escaping from a gas well explosion, a tool that could be important in efforts to curb climate change.
ESA planning to tackle space debris
The European Space Agency (ESA) is working to tackle the issue of space debris with the technological version of a big hug.
Daring Mars mission to send rocks back to Earth in hunt for past life
Engineers plan to collect rocks on Mars and bring samples to Earth, in one of the most complex robot space projects envisaged.
European Solar Orbiter ready to take on audacious mission
The European spacecraft that aims to take the closest ever pictures of the Sun is built and ready for launch.
ESA encounters parachute trouble as it readies ExoMars 2020 for launch
A joint venture between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian space agency Roscosmos to place a rover and science platform on Mars has hit a stumbling block, with the parachutes needed to safely lower the ExoMars 2020 module to the surface receiving damage during the latest round of testing.

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