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Heart diseases raise risk for kidney failure, study finds
Having certain heart diseases may increase a person's risk for developing kidney failure, a new study has found.
Spain's Sanchez loses first confirmation bid for PM
Spain’s Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez failed on Sunday in a first attempt to get Parliament backing to form a government, leaving him just two days to secure support and end an eight-month political gridlock.
Study links diabetes to increased risk for heart failure
As if diabetes didn't present enough health complications on its own, researchers at the Mayo Clinic now believe those with the disease are at increased risk for heart failure.
Official: Sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical industry a total failure
The head of a petrochemical plant said foreign sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical industry have ended in complete failure.
Iran assists oil tanker with technical failure in Persian Gulf
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Iran helped a foreign tanker with technical failure in its territorial waters amid questions over the whereabouts of a Panamanian-flagged ship traveling through the Strait of Hormuz.
FM spox: US threatening others after its failure
US administration which has failed in its sinister aims in the sensitive Middle East, has taken the expired and scandalous choices of threatening others, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.
Storm, engine failure cause chaos on Norway cruise
Rescue helicopters evacuated dozens of people from a cruise ship which suffered engine failure in windy conditions off the west coast of Norway on Saturday.
Iran: Warsaw conference final statement indicates meeting’s failure
Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed the allegations raised in the final statement of the Warsaw Conference held in Poland, describing the communiqué as proof of the anti-Iran meeting’s failure.
Zarif: Islamic Revolution’s 40th anniversary means 40 years of failed US policy
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif minces no words while listing the United States’ failures over the past 40 years after US President Donald Trump shares his perception of Iran’s performance during the same period.
Iran’s Zarif: Warsaw meeting a failure in advance
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says a United States-planned meeting in the Polish capital, Warsaw, that Washington had sought to turn into an anti-Iran platform has fallen flat on its face before getting off the ground.
Flu shots tied to lower risk of premature death with heart failure
People with heart failure who get flu shots may be less likely to die prematurely than their counterparts who don’t get vaccinated, a Danish study suggests.
Enemy plots against Iran doomed to failure: Commander
Senior Iranian commander says all enemy plots against the Iranian nation are doomed to failure.
NASA says will use Russia's Soyuz despite rocket failure
NASA chief, Jim Bridenstine, on Friday praised the Russian space program and said he expected a new crew to go to the International Space Station in December despite a rocket failure.
Russian official: Rocket failure astronauts will go back into space
The head of Russia’s space agency said on Friday that two astronauts who survived the mid-air failure of a Russian rocket would fly again and would provisionally travel to the International Space Station (ISS) in spring of next year.

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