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India creating fewer jobs for world’s biggest workforce
India will create at least 1.6 million fewer formal jobs across government and low-paying sectors, State Bank of India estimates, a segment that typically absorbs some of the millions of youth entering the world’s biggest workforce each year.
Fewer C-sections when low-risk deliveries handled by midwives
Low-risk pregnant women who deliver in a hospital and receive care from midwives have fewer interventions and fewer cesarean sections than similar women who receive care from obstetricians, a US study finds.
Fewer British young people in treatment for drugs yet more admit to use
The number of young people in treatment for drug abuse in England has fallen for the ninth successive year, despite a rise in the proportion who admit to using drugs.
Why climate activists cannot agree if we should be having fewer children
As of the start of this month, we have consumed as much of the Earth’s natural resources so far in 2018 as we should have done for an entire year.
Has Internet been good for society? Fewer saying 'yes'
Seventy percent of US adults recently polled said the Internet has been good for society, down 'a modest but still significant six percentage points' since 2014.
Fewer dementia patients die after surgery when nurses more educated
Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may be less likely to die after surgery when they’re treated at hospitals that employ a larger proportion of nurses with at least a college degree, a US study suggested.
South Koreans want fewer children than 60 years ago
The number of children that South Korean parents want in their lifetimes has more than halved in the past 60 years amid the country's low birth trend, government data showed Monday.
Fewer US hospitals can care for children
In Massachusetts, a child who winds up in an emergency room — whether for a routine or a serious problem — is likely to be transferred to a second hospital for care, a ‘potentially concerning’ trend that’s being reported by physicians throughout the United States, researchers said.
Fewer US parents say they spank their kids
Spanking and hitting children to discipline them has become much less common in recent decades as more parents choose non-physical approaches like ‘time-outs’ instead, a US study suggested.
Fewer US hospitals breaking emergency treatment rules
The number of US hospitals investigated or cited for breaking federal emergency treatment rules has declined over the past decade, a study suggests.

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