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Scientists stunned after finding ‘rarest archeological discoveries’ in Egypt
Experts have been left stunned as they uncovered an ancient pink statue with a Ka symbol, which is thought to have once represented an aspect of the soul or spirit by the civilization. The discovery has proved to be of particular significance, being described as one of the “rarest archeological discoveries” to be found.
Finding effective way to reduce pressure ulcers
Expensive high-tech air mattresses are only marginally better at preventing pressure sores and ulcers than a specialist foam mattress, according to the results of a major study.
India finding it hard to replace Iranian oil: Envoy
India’s ambassador to the US said American sanctions on Iran are hurting his country, which is finding it hard to replace Iranian oil imports.
Finding of protein key to insulin production may help diabetes treatment
The discovery of a protein responsible for producing too much insulin, a condition that often leads to type 2 diabetes, may lead researchers to improved treatment.
To have children or not: The importance of finding a balance
While the world’s population has changed dramatically over the last 50 years, little is still understood about fertility transition and the reasons behind it.
New technique for finding life on Mars
Researchers demonstrate for the first time the potential of existing technology to directly detect and characterize life on Mars and other planets.
Norway raises threat level after finding bomb-like device
Norwegian police raised the country's security threat level following the discovery of an explosive device in central Oslo late on Saturday.
New finding about rapamycin may help slow aging
A study outlines a new understanding of how a compound called rapamycin works that may help address neurologic damage such as Alzheimer's disease.
Researchers make key malarial drug-resistance finding
Artemisinins are powerful drugs that have the most rapid action of all current drugs against Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite species that causes the most dangerous form of malaria. Artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) are now standard treatment worldwide for P. falciparum malaria. Unfortunately, resistance to artemisinin has been detected in five countries across Southeast Asia. Along the Cambodia-Thailand border, P. falciparum is now resistant to most available antimalarial drugs. Artemisinin resistance poses a serious global threat to malaria control and elimination.

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