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Finland's premier resigns after losing trust of coalition partner
Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne has resigned after a member of the ruling coalition said it had lost confidence in him following a series of disruptive strikes.
Finnish government resigns as PM loses coalition trust
Finland’s Prime Minister Antti Rinne stepped down Tuesday after the Center Party, a member of the governing five-party coalition, said it had lost confidence in the Social Democrat leader in the wake of a crippling postal strike.
Finnish minister resigns in postal strike fallout
The minister in charge of Finland’s state postal service, Sirpa Paatero, quit on Friday over her poor handling of a labor dispute that mushroomed into multiple strikes, the prime minister said.
Finland qualifies for first men’s major tournament
"I'm speechless. This is sick. We made it!"
Helsinki museum to host first-ever van Gogh exhibition in Finland
In 2020, Finland will host an exhibition of works by the celebrated master artist Vincent van Gogh. The event will become reality after years of waiting to sign the contract to borrow them. The place of the exhibition is Didrichsen Museum in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.
Finland fights to keep control of forests away from EU
Finland, which currently holds the EU's presidency until the end of the year, is lobbying to keep forestry a national competency — undermining a key part of the EU's climate efforts to reduce emissions.
One dead, 10 injured in college attack in Finland: Police
One person has been killed and 10 others have been injured in an attack at a vocational college in eastern Finland, police say, as local media quote witnesses as saying that the assailant, a young man, used a sword to carry out the attack.
Bike riding courses offer Finland's immigrants new freedom
It's a skill you never forget once learnt, as the saying goes: Now immigrants to Finland can receive free cycling lessons to help them better integrate into life in the bike-loving nation.
Zarif visits Sweden after “fruitful” trip to Finland
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was in Sweden on Tuesday in a tour of Scandinavia that took him earlier to Finland to have “fruitful meetings” with senior Finnish officials.
Finland has gotten at least 1,000 new species in 2000s, reminds biodiversity expert
Finland’s first ever sighting of a golden jackal has justifiably generated widespread public discussion, but it is hardly the only or the most noticeable species-related change detected recently in Finland, reminds Riku Lumiaro, a biodiversity and communication expert at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).
How Finland slashed homelessness by 40%
Look around the streets of Helsinki, peek into the nooks of buildings or under bridges, and here’s what you won’t see: The flattened boxes, sleeping bags, even tents that are the tell-tale signs of outdoor sleeping in cities around the world.
Finland eyes left-right coalition to keep populists out
Finns face a broad, incohesive coalition government for the next four years as the Social Democrats, who narrowly won weekend elections, focus on keeping the surging anti-immigration populists out, analysts said.
Finland: From suicide hotspot to world's happiest country
When the United Nations crowned Finland the world's happiest nation last month for the second year running, there were still quite a few eyebrows raised. How could this Nordic country, better known for its harsh weather and high suicide rate, be the world's happiest?
Iran, Finland to boost agricultural cooperation
Iran and Finland signed five documents to enhance their cooperation in the sector of agriculture.
Iran, Finland seek greater agro ties
Iranian and Finnish officials called for enhancing relations in the agriculture sector.

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