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Disease can take toll on summer garden
Wow, the weathermen aren’t wrong when they say it’s a stifling heat out there this week. But are any of us really surprised? It is summer after all. Heat happens.
Community garden in Chicago aims to protect environment, indigenous culture
Every Sunday for the past month, Native American Chicagoans and Albany Park residents have gathered across the street from the 17th District police station to work on their community garden.
Sadri Garden, tourist attraction in central Iran
Yazd in central Iran is famous for being dry and arid, but even in this environment, you can still find a beautiful garden.
Gonbad Sabz Garden, small garden with three domes
Gonbad Sabz Garden (also called Tombs of Gonbad Sabz Garden) is located in Iran's central city of Qom. It's a small garden and includes three domes.
Dowlatabad Garden, a jewel of Persian architecture
Dowlatabad Garden in Yazd Province is among the most beloved and iconic landscapes of Iran with distinctive properties, picture-postcard views of water stream and the historic Persian pavilions.
Archaeologists find 4,000-year-old model garden in Egypt
Archaeologists have found the remains of a model garden that dates back roughly 4,000 years outside a tomb in the Egyptian city of Luxor.
Watching garden birds good for mental health
Officer workers can de-stress by watching birds out of their window, a study has suggested after it found it makes people less anxious and depressed.
Having a nice garden could save your life
Having a nice garden can save your life, according to a major new study which adds to evidence that living in a natural environment is good for human health.
Abarkuh garden houses renovated
A number of historical garden houses located in Abarkuh, Yazd Province, underwent renovation and restoration, said the director general of Yazd Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.
Afif-Abad Garden symbolizes Iranian floriculture
Afif-Abad Garden, extending over an area of over 127,000 square meters, is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Shiraz, Fars province. The garden, which was planned in 1863 and also known as 'Golshan Garden', was used as a promenade during the Safavid reign. Afif-Abad Garden actually symbolizes Iranian floriculture.

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