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Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ‘large-scale military operation’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a “large-scale” military offensive against the Gaza Strip.
Palestinians launch general strike in Gaza Strip in protest at US-led Bahrain conference
Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip have launched a general strike in rejection of the US-led conference in Bahrain, which would seek to advance the economic aspects of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, dubbed “the deal of the century.”
Israel conducts new airstrike on besieged Gaza
Israel says its warplanes have launched a new airstrike against a position of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in the besieged Gaza Strip, after the regime allegedly intercepted a rocket fired from the enclave into the Israeli-occupied territories.
Gazan youths set fire to pictures of Arab ‘betrayers’
Palestinian youths have gathered in protest near the Gaza Strip’s border with the occupied territories, setting fire to pictures of US and Israeli leaders as well as the Arab rulers, whom they blamed for betraying the Palestinian cause.
Palestinian paramedic dies of wounds sustained in anti-occupation protest
A Palestinian paramedic has died more than a month after being critically injured during clashes between Israeli troopers and a group of Palestinian protesters participating in an anti-occupation rally along the fence separating the besieged Gaza Strip from the Israeli-occupied territories.
Israel closes Gaza crossings over Jewish holiday
Israel has closed two vital border crossings between the occupied territories and the blockaded Gaza Strip.
Saudi Arabia tightens grip on Palestinians, hampers remittances to Gaza: Report
Less than a week after Saudi authorities arrested more than 60 people, including Palestinian expatriates and Saudi nationals, on charges of supporting the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, they have now blocked money transfers between the kingdom and the Gaza Strip.
Israel shrinks Gaza fishing zone amid incendiary balloons
The Israeli regime has cut the offshore fishing restriction it imposes for vessels off the Gaza shore after an alleged launch of incendiary balloons from the besieged enclave towards the occupied territories.
Over one million Palestinians in Gaza not having enough food by June: UNRWA
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has warned that it will not be able to provide food to more than one million Palestinian refugees in the besieged Gaza Strip if it cannot raise at least an additional $60 million by next month.
Gaza matches Hezbollah, can fire 1,000 missiles a day: Israel
Israeli officials have concluded that resistance groups in the besieged Gaza Strip now match their Lebanese counterpart Hezbollah in terms of missile prowess.
Qatar to transfer $480 million to Palestinians in Gaza Strip, West Bank
Qatar to transfer $480 million to Palestinians in Gaza Strip, West Bank
IRNA condemns Israeli attack on Anadolu office in Gaza
Managing Director of Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Seyyed Zia Hashemi condemned a recent Israeli airstrike on the office of Turkish Anadolu Agency in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinians say truce reached with Israel to end deadly escalation
Palestinian leaders in the Gaza Strip announced a cease-fire with Israel on Monday to end a deadly escalation in violence that threatened to widen into a fourth war between them since 2008.
Civilian infrastructure in Gaza regular target of Israeli strikes: Analyst
Israel’s recent airstrikes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip amount to crimes against humanity, says an academic, adding that the international community has done nothing to stop Tel Aviv’s aggression against the coastal enclave.
Over dozen Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza
Ten more Palestinians have been killed on the third day of Israeli strikes against the besieged Gaza Strip, bringing the total Palestinian death toll since Friday to 17, while 110 Palestinians reported injured.

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