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German refusal to join US-led Persian Gulf op ruins Washington's plans to show 'united West'
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas previously made it clear that Berlin would not sign up for a US-proposed plan to set up an international maritime force in the Persian Gulf to counter a purported Iranian threat.
Export malaise hits Germany as EU economic heavyweights struggle
Momentum in German exports slowed in the first half of 2019 and abruptly reversed in June, data showed on Friday, adding to signs of broad-based weakness in an economy increasingly relying on domestic demand to eke out even meager growth.
Saudi royal warns against ‘involvement in war with Iran’
Germany reiterates it will not join US-led naval mission in Strait of Hormuz
A Saudi royal, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, warned against “the kingdom’s involvement in a war with Iran.”
US rails against Germany over refusal to join Persian Gulf mission
The United States’ hotheaded ambassador to Germany has railed against Berlin for refusing to join a US plan to establish a naval mission in the Persian Gulf.
Germany sees split in European effort to cool Persian Gulf tensions
Germany rules out participation in US strategy of maximum pressure on Iran
The unified European approach to resolving tensions in the Persian Gulf showed signs of strain, with a senior German official warning that the UK may be drifting closer to an American-led operation that had previously been rebuffed by the governments in Paris and London.
Now furious Germany threatens to torpedo Euro alliance in Strait of Hormuz
Germany has threatened to abandon support for European-allies including Britain in Iran following a sudden change in policy.
Germany rebuffs US strategy of ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has reiterated its opposition to the US policy of “maximum pressure” against Iran, highlighting the importance of continuing diplomatic efforts to ease tensions in the region.
Renewable energy providing more electricity than coal, nuclear power combined in Germany
Renewable sources of energy produced more electricity than coal and nuclear power combined for the first time in Germany, according to new figures.
Abe: Japan to make every effort to reduce US-Iran tension
Japan wants to make every effort to reduce tension between the United States and Iran before responding to an expected US request to send its navy to guard strategic waters off Iran, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday.
Merkel says 'very well' despite third shaking spell
German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted she was "very well", despite suffering her third trembling spell in less than a month on Wednesday that revived questions about her health.
Germany rejects Trump's call for ground troops in Syria
Germany on Monday rejected demands by the United States to deploy ground troops in Syria, a stance likely to anger President Donald Trump who wants Chancellor Angela Merkel to commit to a bigger military role in the Middle East.
Germany, UK, France urge Iran to reverse decision on JCPOA commitments
France, Britain and Germany, the three European signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, have asked the Islamic Republic to reverse its decision to enrich uranium beyond the limits set in the agreement.
Germany faces pressure to spend as economic risks grow in Europe
Trade tensions and uncertainty surrounding Brexit are raising economic risks for the euro area, prompting France to urge Germany to loosen its purse strings to support growth.
Germany to return painting stolen by Nazis to Italy
Germany said it will return to Italy a painting by Dutch artist Jan van Huysum that was stolen by Nazi troops during World War II.

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