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Russia skeptical about UN human rights report on Syria’s Eastern Ghouta: FM Lavrov
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says he is “skeptical” about a United Nations report accusing the Syrian government of committing alleged crimes against humanity when its troops carried out a military operation in Eastern Ghouta earlier this year.
Army announces full liberation of Syria’s Ghouta
The Syrian Army declared that all terrorists have left Eastern Ghouta, after a blistering two-month offensive on the terrorist enclave on the outskirts of the capital.
Russia: Over 40,000 civilians return to Syria’s Eastern Ghouta
Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that more than 40,000 civilians who had left Syria’s Eastern Ghouta have returned.
Syrian army declares full liberation of Eastern Ghouta
The Syrian army has announced “full victory” against terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta area in the suburb of the capital Damascus after months of intense fighting, Syria’s state-run media outlet says.
Syrian army forces free 8 soldiers abducted by militants in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian government forces have freed eight army soldiers abducted by Takfiri terrorist groups in the Eastern Ghouta enclave on the outskirts of the capital Damascus.
Terrorists pillage medical aid sent to Ghouta
As civilians continue to leave eastern Ghouta where terrorists have been using them as a tool for leverage, disturbing testimonies have cast light on their monopoly over the medical and food aid which entered the area previously under terrorists’ control.
Anti-terror campaign in Syria's Eastern Ghouta almost over: Russia
Russia says the counter-terrorism operation in Syria's Eastern Ghouta is coming to an end as government forces and allied fighters advance against foreign-backed militants in the suburban region near Damascus.
Report: Syrian army prepares to go for last militant-held Ghouta town
Syrian government forces are reportedly preparing to stage a massive operation to liberate the last militant-held town in Eastern Ghouta if the terrorists holed up there refuse to surrender.
Syrian government forces take control over 90% of Eastern Ghouta
Syrian government forces have gained control over 90 percent of the Eastern Ghouta region as militants continue to leave their last major stronghold near the capital Damascus.
Syrian militants start leaving Ghouta town after evacuation deal with govt.
The foreign-backed militants have begun withdrawal from a key town in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta suburb after reaching a deal with the government, which is close to a full victory in the region.
Some militants may accept deals to withdraw from Ghouta: Syrian minister
Some militants may soon agree to withdraw from the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta as Syrian government troops constantly shrink the militant-held areas of the flashpoint region.
Thousands more people leave Syria’s Eastern Ghouta
More than 20,000 people left Syria’s Eastern Ghouta via the town of Hammouriyeh on Sunday, the Interfax news agency reported, citing the Center for Reconciliation in Syria, a body run by Russia’s Defense Ministry.
Russia: Some 300 civilians evacuated from Syria's Eastern Ghouta
Over 300 people left Syria's Eastern Ghouta district since a humanitarian corridor opened there, RIA news agency cited a representative for Russia's cease-fire monitoring center in Syria as saying on Wednesday.
Civilians start leaving Syria's Eastern Ghouta
Sick and injured civilians left a terrorist-held enclave in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday under the first medical evacuation since fierce fighting began nearly a month ago.

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