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First global CO₂ maps published using China's TanSat data
Scientists have published the first global CO₂ maps compiled using data collected by China's TanSat.
Global warming mixing up nature's dinner time
Global warming is screwing up nature's intricately timed dinner hour, often making hungry critters and those on the menu show up at much different times, a new study shows.
Faced with global warming, aviation aims to turn green
Will we someday be able to fly without the guilt of causing environmental damage? A handful of firms and regulators hope that the electric revolution in cars will also take to the skies, helping the industry cope with an expected boom in travel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Global Economy: Central bank tap-turning risks parching the recovery
The global recovery has powered through into the new year, bringing with it expectations for tighter monetary policy, something that tends to be followed eventually by recession — and last time round, financial and economic shock.
Global warming zaps oxygen
Take a deep breath. A recent scientific study reveals disturbing loss of ocean oxygen. Unnerving climatic events like this justify ringing and clanging of the bells on the Public Square, all hands on deck.
Global sea ice hits record low for January
The world’s sea ice shrank to a record January low last month as the annual polar melting period expanded, experts said.
Global stocks tumble as Wall Street braces for more losses
Stock markets around the world took a battering Tuesday, following a dramatic sell-off on Wall Street that triggered concerns that a potentially healthy pullback from record highs could morph into a more protracted crash.
Global smartphone market drops 9% in biggest ever fall
The global smartphone market fell nine percent in a year this quarter, the biggest fall in smartphone history, with even Apple’s iPhone sales down one percent as users hang on to their phones longer.
As global economy hums,  Davos turns bullish on commodities
The last two editions of the World Economic Forum were somber affairs for oil industry chieftains and commodities tycoons. The consensus in Davos was that oil was going to stay low, OPEC would fail to lift prices, and the mining industry faced a difficult time.
Global unemployment down, but working poverty rampant
The global unemployment rate is expected to tick down in 2018, the UN said, while warning that far too many workers still live in desperate poverty.
UN chief warns against global issues
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a New Year message on Friday expressed his deep concern over big dangers lurking around every corner in the world.
Global warming? Record snow on Alaska mountain peak linked to climate change
Climate change has been blamed for causing higher temperatures, drought, wildfires and hurricanes — and now it’s being credited with generating record snow.
Global economic growth to reach fastest rate in seven years
Global economic growth will pick up to its fastest rate in seven years in 2018, while the UK’s economy slumps to its weakest expansion since the last recession, according to the latest forecast from PwC.

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