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China downplays political impact of global development push
China downplayed the political implications of its global Belt and Road Initiative, saying Friday that it aimed to boost multilateralism amid protectionist trends in the US and elsewhere.
Iran urges global fight against Islamophobia, hatred
Iran's chargé d’affaires to the United Nations in a statement called for a global fight against exporters of hateful Takfiri ideologies and Islamophobia.
New round of global outcry targets US over Syria’s Golan
The United States has become the subject of a new round of furor by world countries over its controversial decision to recognize Israeli “sovereignty” over the part of Syria’s Golan Heights that has been occupied by the Tel Aviv regime.
US tests missile defense system Putin once said threatens global strategic balance
In a move that is expected to stir more tensions with Russia, the US military has test-launched a ground-based missile defense system that Russian President Vladimir Putin once famously said would “destroy” the strategic balance in the world.
Global warming may trigger heart attack risk
Extreme temperatures can have a deadly effect on a person's heart, new research showed.
World leaders come together at UN Environment Assembly to move global societies to sustainable path
More than 4700 head of state, including French President Emmanuel Macron, ministers from different countries, business leaders, senior UN officials and representatives from civil society have gathered at the fourth UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), in Nairobi which started on Monday and will continue until March 15.
Almost half of global cases of childhood cancer go undiagnosed
According to a new study almost half of all children with cancer are not diagnosed and may die without being treated.
Australia's school climate strikes to go global
Four months on, 17-year-old Doha Khan said the school climate strikers have learned a lot.
Guterres: Women’s empowerment ‘essential to global progress’
Women’s empowerment and gender equality are ‘essential to global progress’, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres stressed in his message for International Women's Day (Friday, March 8) which this year puts “innovation by women and girls, for women and girls”, at the heart of efforts to achieve gender equality.
Study: Alien species primary cause of recent global extinctions
Alien species are the main driver of recent extinctions in both animals and plants, according to a new study by UCL (University College London) researchers.
Scientists: Global warming imperils stratocumulus clouds that deter hothouse Earth
Marine clouds that protect us from hothouse Earth conditions by reflecting sunlight back into space could break up and vanish if carbon dioxide in the atmosphere triples, researchers warned on Monday.
Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': Scientists
Evidence for man-made global warming has reached a ‘gold standard’ level of certainty, adding pressure for cuts in greenhouse gases to limit rising temperatures, scientists said on Monday.
The global economy is slowing down.  What can governments do about it?
Central banks are getting twitchy. On average, recessions have come along once a decade since the mid-1970s and the nadir of the last downturn occurred almost a decade ago.

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