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Global warming could cause dangerous increases in humidity
Climate scientists often warn that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere will cause an increase in the number and intensity of heat waves in many regions of the world.
Democrats rebuke Trump after global warming tweet
Democratic lawmakers have rebuked US President Donald Trump after he tweeted that northeastern American states could use some "global warming" to help recover from cold temperatures, with one congresswoman saying Trump is “tweeting like a child who hates science class.”
Global warming could cause asylum applications in Europe to nearly triple
Asylum seeker numbers in Europe could rise dramatically due to climate change, even in optimistic warming scenarios, according to new research.
More storms expected due to global warming, scientists say
Scientists say the devastating intensity of hurricanes such as Harvey is consistent with global warming trends, rising seas, warming oceans, hotter air, and warn of "bigger and stronger" storms to come.
Trump to quit Paris pact on global warming
US President Donald Trump is expected to pull his country out of global pact to fight climate change known as the Paris Climate Agreement, a move that would have profound effects on the planet and deepen a rift with American allies.
Study predicts deserts in Spain if global warming continues
Southern Spain will become a desert and deciduous forests will vanish from much of the Mediterranean basin unless global warming is reined in sharply, according to a new study.
Global warming is irreversible now: US scientist
An American climate scientist says anybody in the position of influence including the US president cannot do anything about global warming now because it is “irreversible” at this point.
Long-term global warming not driven naturally
By examining how Earth cools itself back down after a period of natural warming, a study by scientists at Duke University and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirms that global temperature does not rise or fall chaotically in the long run. Unless pushed by outside forces, temperature should remain stable.
Obama admits US role in global warming, urges actions
US President Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States is at least partly to blame for the life-threatening climate change and urged world leaders to reach a landmark deal to counter the threat before it dooms the planet.

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