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Google reverses its decision after intense protests
In a dramatic turnaround Google has restored Press TV UK’s YouTube account, only a day after it was suspended for unknown reasons.
Google cutting web cookies, ending lucrative tracking tool for advertisers
Alphabet Inc.’s Google within two years plans to block a common way businesses track online surfers in its Chrome browser, endorsing costly changes to how the web operates as it tries to satisfy increased privacy demands from users.
Apple, Google named in US lawsuit over Congolese child cobalt mining deaths
A landmark legal case was launched against the world’s largest tech companies by Congolese families who say their children were killed or maimed while mining for cobalt used to power smartphones, laptops and electric cars.
Google blocks access to YouTube accounts of Iran’s Press TV, Hispan TV
Google has targeted Iranian broadcasters Press TV and Hispan TV once again, blocking access to their official YouTube accounts without any prior notice.
Alphabet's new CEO Pichai now sole target on Google regulatory battles
Alphabet Inc.’s new chief executive, Sundar Pichai, will have the hot seat all to himself as regulators around the world investigate the company, US politicians demand that it be broken up, and President Donald Trump accuses it of aiding his rivals.
Journalists urge action against Google over EU copyright dispute
Hundreds of journalists called Wednesday for European officials to take action against Google over its refusal to pay media companies for displaying their content in defiance of a strict new European Union (EU) copyright law.
Google says it’s achieved quantum supremacy, a world first: Report
A Google researcher’s paper claiming to have achieved quantum supremacy, a major early milestone in the field of quantum computing, appeared on a NASA website this week before being removed, the Financial Times reported.
Google says hackers have put ‘monitoring implants’ in iPhones for years
An unprecedented iPhone hacking operation, which attacked “thousands of users a week” until it was disrupted in January, was revealed by researchers at Google’s external security team.
Google sign language AI turns hand gestures into speech
Google said it has made it possible for a smartphone to interpret and "read aloud" sign language.
Trump says Google manipulated 2016 vote; Clinton hits back
Former US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has rejected a claim by President Donald Trump that Google changed the outcome of their 2016 White House battle by manipulating millions of votes in her favor.
Google to allow rival search engines to compete on Android, at a price
Alphabet Inc.’s Google will allow rivals to compete to be the default search engines on new Android devices in Europe, but they will have to pay for the privilege.
YouTube needs 'new set of rules and laws,' executive says
The video-sharing platform YouTube is striving to block those who would use it to promote racism, hate speech, violence and disinformation, its number two executive told AFP, as the Google-owned company comes under increasing scrutiny.
Google accused of flouting New Zealand laws after Grace Millane murder
Tech giant Google was accused of “flipping the bird” at New Zealand laws by refusing to change company policy after it broke suppression orders related to the murder case of British backpacker Grace Millane.

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