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Underwater loudspeakers could help restore damaged coral reefs
Australia's Great Barrier Reef is suffering from the impacts of warming water temperatures, overfishing and pollution. Scientists may have discovered a new tool to help with coral reef restoration efforts. It involves playing the dulcet sounds of nature under the waves.
Great Barrier Reef outlook now 'very poor',  Australian government review says
The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated from poor to very poor according to an exhaustive government report that warns the window of opportunity to improve the natural wonder’s future ‘is now’.
Australia unveils starfish-killing robot to protect Great Barrier Reef
A robot submarine able to hunt and kill the predatory crown-of-thorns starfish devastating the Great Barrier Reef was unveiled by Australian researchers.
Donations to restore Great Barrier Reef could dry up if land clearing continues
Private investment in work to restore the Great Barrier Reef is likely dry up if the Queensland government fails to pass tighter land-clearing laws, warned Australia’s biggest environmental philanthropist, David Thomas.

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