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Dementia poses threat to health similar to HIV and AIDS
Dementia poses a threat to global health on the same scale as HIV and AIDS, the Dutch government has said, warning that the number of people with the condition will not be far off the population of Germany by 2030.
New technology to ease HIV viral load tests
A new technology will ease viral load tests, making results available in a matter of minutes, as well as being usable by personnel that are not laboratory-trained in facilities that are not typical laboratory environments.
China gene babies’ mutation linked to higher mortality: Study
The genetic mutation given to Chinese twins last year rendering them immune to the HIV virus may significantly reduce life expectancy, scientists say in a fresh warning against human gene-editing.
More than 400 infected as HIV outbreak sparks panic in Pakistan
Parents nervously watch as their children wait to be tested for HIV in a village in southern Pakistan, where hundreds of people have been allegedly infected by a doctor using a contaminated syringe.
Delivering HIV vaccine piece by piece improves its killing power
Scientists at a US research institute have developed an HIV vaccine delivery strategy that enhanced the protective immune response in a preclinical model.
Second HIV patient in remission as researchers closing in on cure
Researchers in London are giving hope to finding a cure for AIDS after a second HIV-positive man appears to have shaken the disease following a bone-marrow transplant, according to research published by his doctors.
British man may be second to be 'cured' of HIV
A British man may be the second person to be cured of HIV after doctors said he was in ‘sustained remission’ after being given stem cells from a donor with genetic resistance to the disease.
Indonesia seeks to reassure HIV patients over drug supplies
Indonesia’s health ministry has sought to reassure HIV patients that sufficient antiretroviral (ARV) drugs will be available for their treatment after some hospitals had run out of supplies.
More than 3,700 patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis at New Jersey clinic
The New Jersey Department of Health said more than 3,000 patients at a surgery center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV
By Mohammad Shariatmadari Iran’s Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare
Namibia's success in fight against HIV
Harvey Davis came to open the gate to his dusty, windswept compound in the remote part of northern Namibia.
New cases of HIV rise in Eastern Europe, decline in the West
Almost 160,000 people were diagnosed in Europe with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, according to data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) regional office for Europe.
FRESH program combines basic science with social benefits for women at risk of HIV
A program established by investigators from the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), MIT and Harvard is addressing the persistently elevated risk of HIV infection among young women in South Africa from two angles — first, investigating biological factors that modulate infection risk along with the early immunologic events following viral exposure and second, alleviating the socioeconomic factors that limit opportunities for young women, the group at greatest risk of infection in the region of the world hardest hit by the HIV epidemic.
This new HIV therapy could boost immunity levels in patients
The drug called ibalizumab shall be delivered intravenously every two weeks and lasts longer than current HIV drugs, which are taken daily by mouth.
'Dangerous complacency' to global HIV epidemic risks resurgence
A ‘dangerous complacency’ in the response to the global HIV pandemic is risking a resurgence of the disease, according to a report.

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