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Iranians commemorate national day for prominent poet Hafez
Iranians commemorate National Day of Hafez, a 14th-century Persian poet and mystic highly revered by by famous writers and scholars all across the world.
Spokesman: Hafez language, global words
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi in message commemorated October 12 as Day of Hafez, the poet, and wrote that Hafez language is a global language.
Iran to pay tribute to mystic poet Hafez
Several organizations across the country will commemorate the birth anniversary of the well-known Iranian poet Khwaja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥafeẓ Shirazi, better known by his pen-name Hafez, on October 12.
'Untold' concerts to resume soon
'Untold' tour concerts which are jointly held by eminent Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri and his son Hafez will be resumed soon.
American poet hails Hafez as true teacher
An American poet and interpreter of mystical poetry, Daniel Ladinsky has hailed the Persian lyric poet Hafez as a poet who can help a person lead a better life.
Shiraz to commemorate Hafez
The southern city of Shiraz, Fars Province, will hold a ceremony to commemorate the Persian mystic poet Hafez on October 11.
Hafez Studies wraps up in Tajikistan
The closing ceremony of the 14th round of Hafez Studies, attended by the admirers of the great Persian poet, wrapped up in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe.
Hafez tomb complex will house Iran's largest museum
Iran's largest museum will open near the tomb of the Persian mystic poet Hafez in the southern city of Shiraz, said deputy head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.
Shiraz to commemorate Hafez
The southern city of Shiraz will hold a ceremony to commemorate Persian mystic poet Hafez today.
Calligraphy, collage exhibition inspired by Hafez poems
An Iranian artist Solmaz Naraqi held a calligraphy and collage exhibition blending calligraphy, poetry and Hafez poems.
Serbian critic: Hafez, world's greatest sonneteer
A Serbian poet, translator and critic Slobodan Jorović said that Hafez is the greatest sonneteer in the realm of literature and he is sharply distinguished from other poets.
Istanbul Univ. commemorates Hafez
A ceremony to commemorate the renowned Iranian poet Hafez Shirazi was recently held at Istanbul University.
Hafez a versatile architect of culture
Hafez is one of the versatile architects in global culture whose rhymes are inspired by the structure of verses in the Holy Qur'an.
Hafez poetry, manifestation of love and altruism
Hafez is among the most celebrated classical Persian poets whose influence can be felt to this date extending far beyond the boundaries of time and space.
Dowlatabadi, literary figures to speak about Hafez
Leading Iranian author Mahmoud Dowlatabadi and a number of other Iranian literary figures will deliver lectures on the great Persian poet Hafez Shirazi on Wednesday.

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