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Giant telescope project in Hawaii delayed by protests
Anger is brewing on the Big Island of Hawaii over plans to build a giant telescope on a dormant volcano that is highly sacred to the region's native population.
Powehi: Black hole gets name meaning 'the adorned fathomless dark creation'
The black hole that was depicted for the first time this week in an image produced in a landmark experiment has been named by a language professor in Hawaii.
Hawaii considers raising legal smoking age — to 100
Would-be cigarette smokers in the US state of Hawaii might have to wait a very long time for their first legal drag, after a lawmaker introduced a bill that would bar sales to anyone under the age of 100.
Hurricane Lane grows to Category 5 as it heads for Hawaii
Hurricane Lane strengthened to a Category 5 storm on Tuesday as it headed toward Hawaii where residents braced for “life threatening” winds and flooding when it hits the US islands this week, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.
Hawaii volcano eruption slows to virtual halt
The destructive lava eruption at the foot of Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has slowed to a virtual halt in recent days for the first time in over three months, geologists said, although it was too soon to tell what might happen next.
Hawaii eruption could last years, destroy new areas
The eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could last for months or years and threaten new communities on the Big Island, according to a report by US government geologists.
Hawaii lava finally reaches the Pacific — only to create another deadly danger
First it was catastrophic lava. Then it was sulfur dioxide. Now Big Island residents have yet another danger to worry about.
Hawaii lava flow engulfs more homes as ash plume ascends
New, fast-moving lava poured from the flank of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Saturday, May 19, destroying four more homes on the Big Island after a second explosive eruption shot a nearly two-mile-high (10,000 foot) ash plume from the crater.
Lava, ash spew from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano
Rockfalls and explosions at the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano shot ash into the air on Tuesday as residents for the first time in the 12-day eruption got text messages from county officials warning them the ash could cause eye and breathing irritation.
Hawaii volcano stokes fears of West Coast eruptions
Multiple fissures emitting minor lava spatter opened Saturday on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, heightening fears of an impending major eruption and prompting a warning by the US Geological Survey of more disaster to come.
Hawaii braces for worse lava flows from erupting volcano
More destructive lava flows could soon hit Hawaii’s Big Island as the Kilauea volcano erupts, posing a greater threat than oozing magma that has so far destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands to evacuate, scientists said.
Hawaii volcano destroys dozens of homes, forces evacuations
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano destroyed 26 homes and spewed lava hundreds of feet into the air, leaving evacuated residents unsure how long they might be displaced.
Hawaii orders evacuations as Kilauea volcano erupts
A whole town has been ordered to evacuate after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island caused lava to flow in residential areas.
Trump lifts refugee ban while imposing restrictions on 11 nations
US President Donald Trump has issued a new executive order that lifts his worldwide temporary ban on refugees entering the United States, but imposes ‘extreme vetting’ for 11 nations.
US Federal judge in Hawaii expands block on Trump’s new travel ban
A US federal judge in the state of Hawaii has extended his halt of US President Donald Trump’s new travel ban on nationals from six predominantly Muslim countries.

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