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Official: People's medical expenses down
The implementation of Health Overhaul Plan has helped reduce people's medical expenses from 53 percent to 38 percent, said the deputy health minister.
Health Overhaul Plan awaiting funds
Health Overhaul Plan will achieve its objectives after a decade of funding, said the deputy health minister for treatment affairs.
Hospitals urged to reduce C-sections
Hospitals that fail to reduce cesarean sections (C-sections) will be downgraded, said the head of Health Ministry's Office for Health of Mothers.
Gov’t expands health insurance coverage
According to the Fifth National Development Plan (2010-15), no one must be without health insurance in Iran, said Pahbod Pourshabanan, Health Insurance Organization’s deputy head for human and resource development.
Over 7m receive free health insurance
About 7.1 million Iranians have been provided with free health insurance since the launch of Health Overhaul Plan, said the head of Health Insurance Organization.

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