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Olympic marathon to be moved to Hokkaido due to heat concerns: IOC
The Olympic marathon and race walking events during Tokyo 2020 will be moved to Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido from originally planned courses in the capital due to worries about heat, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Wednesday.
NOCs confident Tokyo 2020 can overcome heat, water quality issues
Searing heat and water quality issues have dogged Tokyo 2020 organizers in recent weeks but delegates to a Chef de Mission seminar on Tuesday said they are confident their host will find solutions ahead of next year’s Summer Olympics.
French-fried at 42°C in unmatched heat wave
Paris is its driest in almost 150 years and temperatures across Europe are reaching extreme levels, scorching fields and shutting power plants,
Shape-shifting material can morph, reverse itself using heat, light
A new material developed by University of Colorado Boulder engineers can transform into complex, pre-programmed shapes via light and temperature stimuli, allowing a literal square peg to morph and fit into a round hole before fully reverting to its original form.
Smart window controls light and heat, kills microorganisms
A new smart window offers more than just a nice view —it also controls the transmittance of sunlight, heats the interiors of buildings by converting solar radiation into heat, and virtually eliminates E. coli bacteria living on the glass. In the future, such sterile smart windows may be used in airplanes, hospitals, public transportation, and other areas.
Heat and sound wave interactions in solids could run engines, refrigerators
A solid can serve as a medium for heat and sound wave interactions just like a fluid does for thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators —resulting in leak-free machines that can stay operating longer.
Summer skincare: Follow these 10 tips to protect your skin from heat and pollution
As we transition from winter to summer, it is important to be mindful of skin issues and exfoliating twice a week. Skin experts advise using a moisturiser with SPF in it. Here are some more useful tips for summer skincare.
Trail Blazers silence Thunder, Heat edge Raptors
C.J. McCollum scored 27 points and passed off seven assists to lead the Portland Trail Blazers over Oklahoma City 117-106 in an NBA matchup Tuesday.
Heat beneath Pacific Ocean drives Yellowstone volcanism: Research
A simple mantle plume can't account for the size and complexity of the volcanic system beneath the western US.
Warriors overcome shooting woes to beat Heat
Kevin Durant had 21 points and eight rebounds to help the Warriors overcome their shooting woes and beat the Miami Heat 97-80 in a rare low-scoring outing Monday night.
South Asia to become too hot to survive: Study
Climate change could result in much of South Asia becoming “too hot to live" by 2100, a recent study published in the Science Advances magazine has predicted
Italy feels the heat as EU shuts doors to migrants
On a hot afternoon in the northern Italian border town of Ventimiglia, a group of well-dressed French tourists is making its way towards air-conditioned buses that will take them back to their homes along the Côte d’Azur.
Killing cancer in the heat of the moment
Mineko Kengaku, Tatsuya Murakami, and their colleagues from Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) have developed a new method that modifies the surface of nanorods, making them more efficient in transporting cancer-killing genes into cells.
Symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion
Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are serious conditions if they are not treated quickly and effectively, but people can ignore the symptoms and pass them off as normal during hot weather.

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