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Hundreds of Hondurans form new caravan, head for US
Hundreds of asylum seekers from Honduras have crossed into neighboring Guatemala in a newly-formed caravan heading toward the United States, amid persisting efforts by the American president to rally support for erecting a wall along the US-Mexico border.
US moves to expel some 57,000 Hondurans
The Trump administration said on Friday it will end temporary protections for immigrants in the United States from Honduras on Jan. 5, 2020, leaving potentially 57,000 people vulnerable to deportation.
Honduras opposition demands full vote recount
The opposition in Honduras called for a full vote recount in presidential elections it says were manipulated to favor President Juan Orlando Hernández.
Hondurans votes in disputed presidential elections
People in Honduras have gone to polls to elect a new president, members of the Congress, lawmakers and mayors as President Juan Orlando Hernandez seeks a re-election that many insist is illegal under the Central American country’s 1982 constitution.
1000s of Hondurans call for president’s resignation
Thousands of Hondurans have taken to the streets of the capital, Tegucigalpa, to call on President Juan Orlando Hernandez to quit over an alleged corruption scandal in his election campaign.

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