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Saudi-led coalition strikes kill 30, including civilians
Yemen’s Houthi movement said the Saudi-led coalition carried out airstrikes on Saturday that killed 30 people including civilians in the latest flare-up of a five-year war.
Yemen’s Houthi fighters seize key route in Sana'a province
Fighters from Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement have managed to gain ground against forces loyal to the country's former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in Sana'a province.
US violated Iraq sovereignty by assassinating Gen. Soleimeni: Houthi
The leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has strongly condemned the recent assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), and the second-in-command of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis near Baghdad International Airport, stating that the United States flagrantly violated Iraq’s sovereignty by committing such a felony.
128 Houthi prisoners return to Yemen from Saudi Arabia: Red Cross
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it has flown as many as 128 prisoners belonging to Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement to the capital Sana’a after they were released by Saudi Arabia.
Top Houthi official rejects Netanyahu’s claim of Iran seeking to fire missiles at Israel from Yemen
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has strongly dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s allegations that Iran is seeking the means to launch precision-guided missiles at the Israeli-occupied territories from Yemen, stressing that such remarks are meant to prolong the Saudi-led military campaign against the Yemeni nation.
Military option won’t bring peace to Yemen, region: Houthi
The leader of Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement has warned Saudi Arabia about the consequences of its ongoing campaign of blockade and aggression against the country.
Saudi defense minister says views Houthi truce 'positively'
Saudi Arabia said it views the truce announced by Yemen’s Houthis positively, claiming the proposal is something the kingdom has always been seeking.
Yemen's footage shows major attack on Saudi border frontline
Yemen’s Houthi movement broadcast footage on Sunday that it said showed a major attack near the border with Saudi Arabia’s southern region of Najran, adding that its forces had captured troops and vehicles.
Yemenis countering world's strongest, wealthiest countries: Houthi
Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen, has said that the war-wracked country is countering the world's "strongest and wealthiest" countries in its fight against the Saudi war.
Saudi-led coalition has no reservation to shed all Yemenis’ blood: Houthi
The leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has condemned the Saudi-led military coalition over air raids that hit a detention center in the western Yemeni province of Dhamar, stating that the strikes show that the alliance has no reservation to shed the blood of all Yemenis, including its own mercenaries.
US military confirms lost drone to Houthi fire over Yemen
The US military has lost an advanced drone over Yemen, American officials say, confirming earlier reports that the Houthi Ansarullah movement had downed a US-made MQ-9 Reaper attack drone.
17 countries of Saudi-led coalition defeated in Yemen: Houthi
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement says the 17 countries comprising a coalition led by the regime in Riyadh are now divided and only one or two states are keeping up with the bloody Saudi campaign.
Assassins of Yemeni Houthi leader’s brother linked to Saudi Arabia: Report
Informed Yemeni sources say security forces have uncovered the cell behind the assassination of Ibrahim Badreddin al-Houthi, the brother of the leader of the Houthi Ansarullah movement.
US-led summit in Bahrain on Palestine treacherous event: Houthi
The leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has described the recent US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians as a treacherous event.
Houthis begin withdrawal from key ports in Yemen
Yemen's Houthis began on Saturday a long-delayed pullout of forces from the key port city of Hodeida, the Ansarallah movement said, following the terms of a cease-fire. The UN-brokered agreement is aimed at alleviating the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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