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Biden’s son denies wrongdoing in Ukraine, China
Joe Biden’s son Hunter rejected assertions by US President Donald Trump and his Republican allies that he did anything wrong in engaging in foreign work in Ukraine and China.
Hunter killed 5,000 African elephants and hippos says he has no regrets
A hunter who has killed more than 5,000 elephants and 50 hippos has said he is ‘10,000 times’ unrepentant.
NASA's newest planet-hunter, TESS, to survey entire night sky
With the crippled Kepler almost out of fuel, NASA is preparing the launch of its newest planet-hunting spacecraft, TESS.
Hunter Island penguin species never actually existed
Almost 35 years after the lost ‘Hunter Island’ penguin was discovered, scientists have determined the species never actually existed.
German hunter kills African elephant
A German trophy hunter reportedly shot and killed one of the largest elephants recorded in nearly 30 years, and now a Zimbabwean conservation group wants to make him infamous, like the killer of Cecil the lion.
Hunter survives in bush for 6 days by eating ants
A hunter who became lost in the Australian outback when he went in pursuit of a camel survived without water for six days by eating black ants.
Zimbabwe demands US extradition of lion hunter
The Zimbabwean government has lodged a formal request with Washington calling for the extradition of an American dentist to face a legal trial for hunting a famous lion in the country early last month.

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