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Damascus government will not allow Idlib to turn into terrorist stronghold: Envoy
Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja'afari says the incumbent Damascus government will not allow foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists to turn the embattled northwestern province of Idlib into a new haven for themselves.
Official: Massacre in Syria’s Idlib is Iran’s redline
The potential massacre of civilians while trying to retake the last major stronghold of anti-government terrorists in Syria – namely Idlib Province – is a redline for Iran, said the Iranian chief negotiator in the peace process for Syria.
Assad: Idlib will finally return to government control
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the northwestern province of Idlib will finally return to government control along with other territories, which are still in the hands of foreign-backed terrorists.
Syrian president says Idlib deal temporary measure to stem bloodshed
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the Idlib deal is a temporary measure which is first and foremost aimed at stemming bloodshed in the northwestern province, stressing that all remaining militant-held regions, including Idlib, will definitely be liberated from the clutches of terrorists.
Turkish-backed militants to withdraw heavy weapons from Idlib buffer zone
Turkish-backed militants says they expect to finish withdrawing heavy weapons from a planned buffer zone in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib within days, conforming to a deal brokered by Russia and Turkey that has so far held off a government offensive on the last major terrorist stronghold in Syria.
Iran, Turkey, Russia FMs to meet in New York
Foreign Ministers of Iran, Turkey, and Russia will discuss developments in Syria and its northwestern city of Idlib in a meeting in New York.
Turkey needs to send more troops to Idlib under deal with Russia: FM
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says his country will need to deploy more troops to Syria’s militant-held northwestern province of Idlib following an agreement with Russia, which entails a demilitarized zone in the crisis-plagued area.
Turkey sends large batch of reinforcements to military post in Syria’s Idlib
Turkey’s military has reportedly deployed its most significant batch of reinforcements to Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib in weeks, as Ankara strives to prevent a full-scale offensive by the Syrian government against thousands of terrorists in the militant-held region.
Russia's Putin concerned by terrorist moves in Syria's Idlib: Kremlin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his concern over terrorist activities in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, the RIA news agency cites the Kremlin as saying.
Turkey ‘talking to all sides’ in Syria conflict for Idlib cease-fire
Turkey said on Friday it was talking to all parties in the Syrian conflict to prevent a government offensive on Idlib ahead of talks between Russian and Turkish presidents, who support rival sides in the looming battle for the terrorist-held region.
Militants kidnap kids to stage chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib: Russia
Russia’s Defense Ministry says the foreign-backed Takfiri militants have abducted children from Syria’s Aleppo to use them in a staged chemical weapons attack in Idlib to be blamed on the Syrian government.
Terrorists begin filming staged chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib: Russian MoD
Russian Defense Ministry says foreign-sponsored terrorists have started filming scenes of a staged chemical attack in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib to facilitate the implication of Syrian government forces and invent a pretext for the United States and its allies to launch airstrikes on army troops.
Syrian, Russian jets pound Idlib
Syrian and Russian warplanes on Saturday targeted the southern edge of Idlib Province with airstrikes and shelling, Syrian media and a war monitoring group said, ratcheting up the military pressure on the terrorist-held bastion.
Militants preparing 'C' in Syria's Idlib: Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin says militants are preparing provocations, including the use of chemical weapons, in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.
Idlib will be soon under government control: Syrian PM
Syrian prime minister says the northwestern province of Idlib, the last major stronghold of the terrorists in the Arab country, will be soon under government control, pledging to win any possible war there.

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