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Protests over anti-Muslim law rage in India
Protests over a divisive new citizenship law that discriminates against Muslims raged in India Saturday following days of violent clashes which have killed two people so far.
Protests continue in India over controversial citizenship law
UN: New law ‘fundamentally discriminatory in nature’
‘They will lock us up or just kill us’: Muslims fearful in West Bengal
It was 81 days ago that Kamal Hussain Mondal, a 32-year-old brick factory worker from a remote village in West Bengal, India, took his own life. He had been a carefree man and attentive father to his two young sons, and was known throughout Soladana village for his devotion to his wife Khayrun Nahar Bibi.
Indian police fire blanks in fresh demos against citizenship bill
Police in India have fired blanks at protesters in the country’s northeast, in a fresh day of demonstrations against a contentious bill that seeks to grant citizenship only to non-Muslim immigrants from certain countries.
Protests rage in northeast India over citizenship bill
Protestors in northeast India set fire to tires and cut down trees to block roads on Tuesday in a shutdown across the region hours after lawmakers approved the government’s new citizenship bill.
Fire at New Delhi factory kills dozens
A fire believed to be caused by an electrical short circuit engulfed a building in India's capital on Sunday where handbags and other items were made by workers, killing at least 43 people.
Reminiscences of the glorious past in Hyderabad, India
When it comes to heritage sites in Telangana, southern India, there is no dearth of them, especially in and around Hyderabad. The city of Nizams has quite a few sites to boast of, including a few like the prestigious educational institution — University of Hyderabad (UoH). A team of archeologists led by Professor KP Rao have identified about 25 burials near the main gate of the University of Hyderabad. These are of immense archeological importance. Along with these, there are several other structures inside the huge campus that sheds light on the region's glorious past.
Indian rape victim dies in hospital after being set ablaze
A 23-year-old rape victim set on fire by a gang of men, which included her alleged rapist, died in a New Delhi hospital, the doctor treating her said on Saturday.
India says drove out ‘trespassing’ Chinese ship in September
India’s navy says it drove out a Chinese vessel in September after it allegedly made an “unauthorized” entry into what New Delhi calls its “exclusive economic zone” in the strategic Indian Ocean.
India seen making sixth interest rate cut, but no cure for economy's ills
Five interest rate cuts since the start of the year hasn't stopped India's economy from slowing to its weakest growth rate since 2013, but the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to make its sixth cut on Thursday to give what little relief it can.
Iran on track to become India's largest tea client
Iran is set to overtake Russia this year as the largest importer of Indian tea, despite American sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
India plans to invest $1.39 trillion in infrastructure to spur economy
India will unveil a series of infrastructure projects this month as part of a plan to invest 100 trillion rupees ($1.39 trillion) in the sector over the next five years, the finance minister said, in a push to improve the country's economy.
Improving child health in India
Child health is improving dramatically around the world. Cases of measles and tetanus have reduced by 80 percent. The Center for Disease Control has aided more than 80 countries in eliminating rubella by increasing access to vaccines. The death rate of children under five has plummeted. India is one of the countries making great strides in the health of their children.
India continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies: RBI official
India continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world despite a host of challenges including global economic slowdown, according to a senior official of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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