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A new mechanism in the control of inflammation
After infection or tissue injury, the inflammatory immune response attacks the infection and repairs the damaged tissue. However, sometimes excess inflammation can have the opposite effect, increasing injury in a process known as immunopathology.
Inflammation in womb may explain why some babies are more prone to sepsis after birth
Each year 15 million infants are born preterm and face high risks of short- and long-term complications, including sepsis, severe inflammation of the gut, and neurodevelopmental disorders.
Lung inflammation from childhood asthma linked with later anxiety
Persistent lung inflammation may be one possible explanation for why having asthma during childhood increases your risk for developing anxiety later in life, according to Penn State researchers.
Scientists shed light on one of biggest mysteries behind brain inflammation
A recent study is clarifying the interactions between cannabinoid receptors and immune cells in the brain. The work brings new understanding regarding inflammation and loss of brain cells.
Yogurt may dampen chronic inflammation linked to multiple diseases: Study
A study published in the Journal of Nutrition provided new evidence that yogurt might help dampen chronic inflammation, a factor in inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and asthma.
Back pain: Six supplements to help reduce inflammation
Back pain is very common and usually improves within a few weeks. In rare cases it can be a sign of a more serious health problem.
Spicy ingredient eases joint inflammation
Arthritis pain and joint inflammation are the most common symptoms of the condition.
Could your Sunday morning run cause arthritis?
Arthritis symptoms include joint pain and inflammation.
Your skin forms memories. A bout of inflammation can train your skin to heal faster
Stem cells, which replenish the skin’s outer layer, take their cue from inflammation. Hence, a bout of inflammation sensitises cells and the next time around, it responds more rapidly.
four conditions are because of inflammation
Immune systems are designed to protect us, but sometimes the inflammation they trigger to fight off foreign substances goes wrong — and we’re left with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other conditions.
Study links gut microbes to age-related inflammation
New research with mice by McMaster University in Canada suggested gut microbes can lead to age-related inflammation and premature death.
Coffee could fight age-related inflammation
Caffeine could counteract the inflammation that comes with aging, a new study found.
Bone marrow inflammation may predict leukemia risk
Inflammation in bone marrow may be able to predict the development of leukemia, according to a study conducted by the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.
Low-grade inflammation may play role in cancer development
Low levels of inflammation, called parainflammation, play an early role in the development of cancer, including increased mortality in some forms of the disease, researchers in California reported in a new study.
How immune cells activate inflammation?
Scientists have identified how the immune cells' are triggered for inflammatory responses, in a discovery that may pave the way for new treatments for many human diseases including cancer.

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