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South Korea reverses decision to suspend intelligence deal with Japan
South Korea on Friday said it would not suspend its intelligence-sharing deal with Japan, in a dramatic, last-minute reversal that signaled a breakthrough after months of frigid relations over their painful wartime history.
South Korea set to terminate intelligence-sharing pact with Japan
South Korea has announced that it would scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Japan, a decision that could escalate a dispute over trade and undercut security cooperation on North Korea.
Intelligence Ministry: Iran dismantles CIA spy network
Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said it has identified and destroyed an integrated network of operatives serving the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) inside the country.
US intelligence service closely cooperating with MKO terrorists: Iran UN envoy
Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations described the Islamic Republic as a victim of terrorism and extra-national organized crime, stating that the anti-Iran terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), supported by some regional and European countries, is working closely with the US intelligence service in a bid to descend Iran into chaos.
US intelligence officials directly contradict Trump, saying no evidence Al-Qaeda cooperating with Iran
There is no evidence to support the Trump administration’s claims that Iran is collaborating with Al-Qaeda, US intelligence officers have reportedly told congress.
Iran’s UN envoy: US using ‘fake intelligence’
As tensions rising between Iran and the US, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi accused Washington of using “fake intelligence.”
Bouteflika's brother, two former intelligence chiefs arrested: Report
Algerian police have arrested the powerful brother of the North African country’s ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and two former intelligence chiefs, reports say.
Trump making unsubstantiated accusations against UK intelligence: Analyst
A senior political analyst from New York says US President Donald Trump’s accusations against the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) claiming that the intelligence agency had spied on him during US Presidential election in 2016 are baseless and unsubstantiated.
US-led intelligence alliance builds coalition to counter China
The Five Eyes US-led intelligence alliance has started to exchange classified information on China's foreign activities with other nations concerned about Beijing's growing power, according to a report.
Study: Air pollution may harm cognitive intelligence
Chronic exposure to air pollution can cause harm to cognitive performance, a new study revealed.
UK using child spies in police and intelligence operations: Report
British police and intelligence agencies are using children as spies in covert operations against terrorists, gangs and drug dealers, a new UK parliamentary report has revealed.
Scientists can predict intelligence from brain scans
If you've ever lied about your IQ to seem more intelligent, it's time to fess up. Scientists can now tell how smart you are just by looking at a scan of your brain.
Intelligence minister: Several terrorist teams busted in western Iran
Iran’s intelligence minister said his forces have arrested members of a number of terrorist teams in the country’s western and southwestern areas in recent days.
Iran urges intelligence sharing for counterterrorism
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani proposed to develop a mechanism between the national intelligence services of Afghanistan, Iran, China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey to combat terrorism.
Iran ranks 16th in world artificial intelligence
Mohammad Taqi Joghataei said that Iran ranks 16th in world artificial intelligence while in the field of linguistics, it also occupies a high rank.

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