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Microsoft, Facebook to help tame Internet ahead of Canada's election, official says
Microsoft Corp. and Facebook Inc. have agreed to help boost the security of Canada’s October election by removing fake accounts and cracking down on bots, a top government official said on Monday.
UK space Internet firm OneWeb ready for liftoff
UK based startup OneWeb secured $1.25 billion (£940 million) in new funding enabling it to speed up its plans to launch a global high-speed broadband network.
Jahromi calls for int'l regulations on Internet to confront US unilateralism
Iran's Communications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi stressed the need for the world states to set regulations and rules for the cyberspace to stop the United States' continued hegemony and unilateralism.
Internet-based CBT effective for treating severe depression
New research finds that cognitive behavioral therapy sessions delivered via an app can effectively treat various forms of depression, including a severe form of the condition.
Instagram's most unlikely new star: 85-year-old slimmer wows the Internet by documenting his diet online
A pensioner who has been documenting his weight loss journey has become an unlikely Instagram star after a woman gave him a shout-out on Twitter — calling his feed the 'cutest thing I've ever seen'.
China's Xi calls for global cooperation to create 'fairer' internet
China’s President Xi Jinping called on Wednesday for greater global cooperation in developing the internet and make it more “fair and equitable”, as Beijing seeks to bolster its global role in shaping the web.
Bad deal: Uni denies student petition for late-night Internet access, thwarting Singles' Day shopping plans
A university in Hunan Province of China denied a student's petition for late-night Internet access to grab deals during the mega-shopping event Singles' Day.
Is internet fueling new conditions?
The internet could be fueling a rise in new conditions such as cyberchondria and cyberhoarding, experts warned.
Rising sea levels could knock out the Internet within 15 years
Thousands of miles of Internet cables zigzagging under coastal cities in the US could be completely submerged underwater within the next 15 years, a team of researchers has found.
Sea level rise could inundate the Internet
Extreme sea level rise could swamp Internet cabling and hubs by 2033 — and coastal cities like New York, Seattle and Miami are at greatest risk. Christopher Intagliata reported.
Has Internet been good for society? Fewer saying 'yes'
Seventy percent of US adults recently polled said the Internet has been good for society, down 'a modest but still significant six percentage points' since 2014.
34% of US senior citizens don't use the Internet
According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 11 percent of US adults still don't use the Internet. That's a significant change from 48 percent in 2000, but the study revealed that age remains a major factor, with 34 percent of senior citizens remaining offline.
How Internet clogging up city streets
Traffic in New York is slowing down. Jams are endemic in Manhattan, especially in its business districts. Daytime traffic in the busiest areas now moves almost 20 percent more slowly than it did five years ago.

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