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Mathematician claims to have found solution for 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis
A critical unsolved problem in the mathematics realm might’ve just found its solution, according to world-renown mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah.
22% share of Iranian universities among world's tops
According to the latest ranking of the Liden Institute for Science and Technology this year, 22 percent of Iranian universities are among the world's top universities, deputy minister of science in international affairs said.
Foreign policy bigwigs: Trump’s policies doomed to failure
US President Donald Trump is risking a potential war with Iran unless he engages the country using diplomacy, not just pressure tactics, dozens of prominent US foreign policy, intelligence and national security figures argue in a new public statement.
May disagrees with Trump, says Iran honoring JCPOA
British Prime Minister Theresa May said Iran has honored the multilateral agreement, adding that the deal should remain in place, in sharp contrast with US policy under President Donald Trump who has pulled America out of the deal.
Leader: Iran will severely punish Ahvaz terror attack perpetrators
Thousands attend funeral for victims of terrorist attack
Russia says to give Syria S-300; plane incident to harm Israel ties
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says Russia will supply Syria with a modern S-300 system within two weeks and block the communication of planes bombing the country from the Mediterranean.
Scientists develop blood test which can tell police if you're too tired to drive
A new blood test could soon help police identify drivers who are too tired to be on the road.
Iranians holding funeral for victims of Ahvaz terrorist attack
Masses of Iranian people and government officials are taking part in a funeral procession for the victims of Saturday's terrorist attack in Iran's southwestern city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province.
Pakistani economist sees big trade boost with Iran
Renowned economist and former Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) says there is phenomenal scope of economic cooperation between Iran and Pakistan.
NASA chief reveals £75m plan to stop deadly asteroids
NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) could soon receive a threefold boost in funding in a bid to better safeguard the Earth from spaceborne threats.
Doctors use lab-grown cartilage to heal knee injury
For the thousands of Canadians who suffer serious knee injuries each year, their only option is often surgery to replace the damaged joint with a plastic or metal implant.
Why regular bedtime may benefit heart and metabolism
New research — which was published in the journal Scientific Reports — examines and highlights the importance of regular bedtimes for optimal heart and metabolic health.

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