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Ireland orders shutdowns to curb coronavirus
Indoor events of more than 100 people and those outdoor involving over 500 “should be cancelled”, said, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar .
Ireland votes in 'three horse race' for power
Ireland voted in a general election on Saturday, with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar hoping to secure a new term on the back of Brexit – though voters are more likely to judge him more on his domestic record.
‘No. 3 Azar Shahr Street’ to vie at Ireland's Silk Road festival
Iranian feature film ‘No. 3 Azar Shahr Street,’ by Kambiz Safari, is to participate in the competition section of the eighth edition of the Silk Road International Film Festival in Ireland (SRIFF).
Ireland scores an upgrade even in face of Brexit risks
Ireland had its credit score boosted on Friday by S&P Global Ratings, which said the nation’s economy should remain competitive and attractive to foreign investors even if its nearest neighbor, the UK, tumbles out of the European Union without an exit agreement.
Sewage from 77,000 people flowing into Ireland’s environment
Raw sewage from 77,000 people is being released into the Ireland’s environment every day without treatment.
Taoiseach envisions united Ireland with majority consent
The Irish Prime Minister says he would like to see a united Ireland in his lifetime, as the UK Government envisages a Brexit border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
Ireland central to Brexit, so why focus on Westminster?
The central issue to the Brexit debate is Northern Ireland (and subsequent disintegration of the UK). So why has public attention largely been focused on the debate in Westminster?
Sinn Fein: Brexit deal may lead to united Ireland poll
A Sinn Fein official has warned that the UK’s long, agonizing struggle with Brexit may lead to a referendum on a united Ireland within five years – opening a way for the disintegration of the UK itself.
Ireland banks to take steps to support bereaved customers
The five main banks in Ireland are to set up dedicated phone lines to help bereaved customers, in an effort to improve the care of those who have lost loved ones.
Ireland has lowest level of public treatment for obesity in EU
The Health Service Executive of Ireland is paying out “much more” to deal with complications from obesity because it doesn’t fully recognize the condition as a treatable disease in the first place, doctors and nutritionists have said.
Mixed-race couple to leave Ireland over death threat, online abuse
A mixed-race couple have decided to leave Ireland with their baby after they received a death threat over their appearance in a Lidl Supermarket advert.
Main points of Johnson’s Brexit game of hide-and-seek
UK PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit game of hide-and-seek with the public has been called out by the EU and Ireland. Read the main points of his limited-release ‘final deal’ and the reactionary outcry.
Ireland: ‘Civil unrest’ on UK border if Brexit fails
The Irish Deputy Prime Minister has dispelled any “spin” over recent Brexit progress, warning of potential “civil unrest” on the UK border if talks fail.
Ireland says gap between EU and UK on Brexit 'very wide'
The gap between Britain and the European Union over Brexit remains “very wide”, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Friday, as British leader Boris Johnson prepared to make a renewed push to reach an exit deal with the bloc.
Funding to connect people with nature launched in Northern Ireland
A new environment fund aimed at making it easier for people to connect with the natural environment has been launched by the Northern Ireland’s Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

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