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Palestine blasts US for softening language on Israeli occupation
Palestine has blasted the United States for omitting the term “occupation” in describing the Israeli-occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories, saying the “hostile” move will not change the established reality.
Defying Israeli occupation, Golan Druze pledge loyalty to Syria’s Assad
In a move of defiance towards the Israeli regime, Arab Druze inhabiting the occupied Golan Heights have gathered at the Syrian border to declare their loyalty to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, celebrating what they describe as Syria's victory in the country's war.
US envoy: Golan may remain under Israeli occupation ‘forever’
The US ambassador to Israel says Washington could recognize the occupied side of Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli territory, as the administration of President Donald Trump speeds up its support for the regime’s widely-criticized land theft policies.
Israeli occupation core of all conflicts in Middle East: Iran
The Israel regime's occupation of the Palestinian land is at the "core" of all conflicts in the Middle East, Iran's ambassador and deputy permanent representative to the United Nations says.
50 years on, NGOs slam global inaction in face of Israeli occupation
Pro-peace and charitable NGOs blast the international community for having lost countless opportunities to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories over the past 50 years.
Aggression on Syria has roots in resistance to Israeli occupation
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the enemies' aggression on Syria has roots in resistance of Syrian nation to Israeli occupation.
Israeli occupation of Palestine source of insecurity: Iran
Iran says the occupation of the Palestinian land by Israel is the origin of all instability and insecurity in the world.

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