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Italy: Turin anarchists clash with police
Violent clashes broke out between police and anarchists in Turin on Saturday, after they were evicted from an occupied school.
EU push for permanent German seat on UN angers Italy
The Italian prime minister has taken a swipe at Germany and France over a new treaty which paves the way for Berlin to push for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.
Italy again accuses France of exploiting Africa
Italy has once again accused France of continuing to exploit Africa, saying French policies are creating poverty and causing mass migration in the impoverished continent.
Minister: Italy aims for decision on rail link with France by May
The Italian government aims to decide by the end of May whether to complete a deeply divisive high-speed rail link between the French city of Lyon and the northern Italian city of Turin, Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli told Reuters.
Italy, Poland want 'new spring' in Europe – Salvini
Italy’s far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Wednesday he wants his country and Poland to join forces to reshape Europe in his quest for a Eurosceptic alliance ahead of elections in May.
Former Italian PM underlines close economic ties with Iran
Former prime minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni highlighted his country’s “historical commitment” to broadening trade ties with Iran, stressing that Italy should adopt policies that are independent of the US.
'Khomeini, Revolutionary of God' released in Italy
A book titled 'Khomeini, Revolutionary of God' dealing with the personality and style of leadership of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was published in Italy.
Salvini sees no danger to Italian gov’t in coming months
Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Monday he “did not see any danger” to the government in the coming months as it turns its attention to new reforms after finally pushing its 2019 budget into law.
Italy PM backs halting arms sales to Saudis
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Friday his government was in favor of halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia and it intended to take a formal position on the matter.
Italy’s Senate clears revised budget ahead of EU deadline
The upper house of Italy’s parliament has approved a revised budget plan for 2019 after a tense standoff with the European Union (EU) and despite opposition complaints that the process has been rushed to meet an EU deadline.
Italy Senate passes revised budget after EU standoff
The Italian Senate on Sunday passed a revised 2019 budget agreed after a tense standoff with Brussels which saw the populist government water down key measures.
Italy needs to cut 2.5-3b euros to clear 2019 budget with EU
The European Commission has asked Italy for a further 2.5 billion euros-3 billion euros ($3.40 billion) in savings before approving the country’s 2019 budget, Corriere della Sera daily reported on Tuesday.
Trade tensions, Brexit, Italian finances boost risks: SNB
Britain’s messy divorce from the European Union, Italy’s finances and international trade tensions pose significant risks to the Swiss National Bank’s outlook for solid global growth, SNB Chairman Thomas Jordan said on Thursday.
Iran, Italy stress expansion of radio, TV cooperation
Iran and Italian state broadcaster discussed media cooperation, especially in radio and television, between the two countries.
Rome and EU could be ready to compromise over Italy’s spending plans
Italy and the European Commission could be ready to compromise over Italy’s 2019 spending plans, according to local Italian media reports.

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