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US judge blocks Trump bid to use military budget on border wall
A US federal judge has issued an order that blocks President Donald Trump’s attempt to spend $3.6 billion of Pentagon budget to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.
Oxford Judge spares four youngsters of privileged backgrounds from jail
A judge at Oxford Crown Court has sparked controversy by refusing to jail three teenagers and a young adult on the grounds that they “wouldn’t cope in prison”.
Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572m
An Oklahoma judge found Johnson & Johnson guilty in fueling the state's opioid crises and ordered the corporation to pay $572 million in a landmark ruling with vast implications.
Judge blocks Trump asylum restriction: Reports
A judge on Friday blocked a move by US President Donald Trump's administration to stop migrants from claiming asylum unless they had entered the country at an official border crossing, news outlets reported.
Judge gives Trump administration six months to identify separated migrant children
A US judge has ordered the administration of President Donald Trump to identify immigrant children separated from their parents after crossing the US-Mexican border.
Former Trump adviser pleads with judge to spare him jail time
Former US national security adviser Michael Flynn has pleaded with a federal judge to spare him jail time for lying to FBI agents, saying he takes responsibility for an "uncharacteristic error in judgment.''
California judge condemns startup for giving secret Facebook papers to UK
A California judge sharply criticized the legal team of the app developer that turned over confidential Facebook documents to the British parliament, accusing the attorneys of behavior that “shocks the conscience” and ordering them to hand over their client’s laptops and other evidence.
Judge halts construction of Keystone XL pipeline
A federal judge has ordered that construction on the Keystone XL pipeline should be halted immediately — earning a rebuke from US President Donald Trump over a project that had been key to his economic program.
Judge bars New Hampshire proof of residency requirement for new voters
A New Hampshire judge on Monday put on hold a law requiring some voters to present proof of residency when they register, saying it would lengthen lines at polling places and make it difficult for students, disabled voters and others to cast ballots.
President Rouhani brings Iran’s Achaemeniad bas-relief back home
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani brought back Iran's $1.2-million ancient Persian bas-relief after more than 80 years of changing hands among smugglers.
US judge approves plan to reunite separated immigrant families
A federal judge on Friday approved a plan to reunite hundreds more families who were separated by border officials after they entered the US from Mexico.
US judge orders deportation plane turnaround
A federal judge ordered a mother and her daughter be flown back to the US, after learning they had been deported mid-appeal.
Judge urges US to focus on reuniting deported parents with children
A judge on Friday urged the US government to focus on finding deported immigrant parents so it could reunite them with their children who remain in the United States following separation by officials at the US-Mexico border in recent months.
US judge orders migrant families to be reunited
A US judge has blocked the administration of President Donald Trump from separating immigrant parents and children at the US-Mexico border.
Iran’s top judge orders dealing with school harassment case
Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani on Wednesday issued an order for immediately dealing with a “shocking” criminal case, in which a high school official in Tehran has been accused of sexually abusing a number of schoolboys.

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