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Kenya becomes third African nation to introduce world's first malaria vaccine
Kenya on Friday added the world’s first malaria vaccine to the routine immunization schedule for children under two, becoming the third country in Africa to roll out the vaccine for the disease that kills one child globally every two minutes.
Kenya tour group swept away by flash flood
Two people were confirmed dead and five others are missing after a tour group was swept away by a flash flood during heavy rains in a Kenyan national park.
Alarming cases of poisoning cast doubts on food handling in Kenya
The increasing cases of food contamination leading to deaths and hospitalization of Kenyans has cast doubts on just how safe the food the people eat is handled.
Has Kenya's plastic bag ban worked?
Two years ago, Kenya introduced a ban on plastic carrier bags.
Aid groups warn against Kenya's UN bid to sanction Al-Shabaab
Kenya is urging the UN to list Al-Shabaab under the same sanctions as Al-Qaeda and the Daesh, but foreign donors said the move could leave millions in drought-stricken Somalia without aid.
Hidden mysteries lie in wait inside Kenya's fossil treasury
The only hint that something extraordinary lay inside the plain wooden drawer in an unassuming office behind Nairobi National Museum was a handwritten note stuck to the front: "Pull Carefully".
Polio vaccination drive rolled out in 103 public health facilities in Nairobi, Kenya
At least one million children below five years in Nairobi, Kenya, are set to be vaccinated in the ongoing national polio vaccination campaign that kicked off on Saturday.
Ten killed as roadside bomb hits Kenyan police vehicle near Somali border
At least 10 Kenyan police officers have been killed after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) planted by militants struck their vehicle near the Somali border.
Tradition meets tech as Kenya's herders adapt to climate change
For generations, Kaltuma Hassan's clan would study the sky over Kenya's arid north for any sign of rain — some wind here, a wisp of cloud there — to guide their parched livestock to water.
How Kenya could steam beyond fossil fuel
A faint smell of sulphur, a shrill hiss of gas and a Rift Valley panorama punctuated by 30 pillars of steam mark the frontline of renewable energy growth in Kenya.
Iran summons Kenyan ambassador over two detained nationals
Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Kenya's ambassador to Tehran, expressing the Islamic Republic’s protest to Nairobi after the Kenyan Supreme Court overturned a decision to free two Iranian nationals jailed in the African country over terror charges.
Iran, Kenya to maintain trade cooperation
Kenya will maintain its trade relations and cooperation with Iran in the face of sanctions the United States has imposed on the Islamic Republic.
Investors turn Kenya’s troublesome
Currently 30 square kilometers of Lake Victoria, which stretches to approximately 375 kilometers and links Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, is covered with the evasive water hyacinth that has paralyzed transport in the area.
Kenya police help colleagues escape anti-graft officers with warning shots
Kenyan police helped two colleagues who have been arrested for suspected corruption escape custody by firing warning shots to scare off anti-graft officers holding them, the anti-graft agency said.
Gunmen in Kenya abduct Italian volunteer, shoot locals
Armed militants in Kenya have kidnapped an Italian volunteer in a raid on a village in the southeast of the country, while shooting and wounding five residents, police say.

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